The NSS Fair 800 pound butter statue to be recycled into renewable energy

Syracuse, New York (WAT) – The New York State Fair ended Monday with the annual butterfly moving to its new home.

According to the Northeast American Milk Association, 53 800 pounds of butter used to create 53-year-old butterflies will not be wasted. This year’s statue, titled “Back to School, Sports and Games ለህ You Want Milk for That,” shows three scenes – young people in the school cafeteria, on the football field and at home. Finally, it focuses on the importance of dairy products as essential nutrients in food and nutrition.

On September 7, the statue was dismantled by Adane, Cornell Cooperative, Master Gardeners, and Nobelherst Farms. The butter was originally sourced from Batavia O-AT-KA dairy products and was considered unsuitable for sale or consumption due to packaging defects.

After 18 days at the State Expo, the butter will return to Nobel Horst Farm, West New York, 15 miles from its original production. NobleHurds Farm combines butter with local food factories and other food waste.

They run the farm’s digestive tract, which converts it into energy. The digester breaks down the material and generates enough electricity to light the farm, the farm, and 350 homes for a year. 800 pounds of butter can give you energy for an hour and three days.

“For the sixth year in a row, we are proud to be using New York State Fertilizer Butter Shapes,” said NobleHurds Farm dairy farmer Chris Noble. “In about 28 days, we will mix butter and other food waste into energy. That energy is generated into electricity, which destroys homes in the local community.

Western New York farms have re-used the 52nd annual painting. In recent years, Nobel-Horst Farm has been nationally recognized for its sustainable and community partnership successes in moving food waste from local landfills.

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