The North American Crane Bureau will sign new contracts with the Petrochemical and Energy companies Westlack Petroleum and Dominion Energy.

ALTAMONTE Springs, Fla., August 4, 2021 (PRNewswire) – The North American Crane Bureau (NTCB) (OTCPK: PBYA), a subsidiary of the Probity Media Corporation, is the first company to build a full-service training and career development brand for a career. Standard contract with Dominion Energy (NYSE: D) and Westlag Petroleum Chemical (NYSE: WLK).

Westlack’s petrochemical programs begin in August and include a number of crane operator training programs. This specialized training strengthens participants’ knowledge and prepares OSHA’s crane operator operators for NCCER (National Construction Education and Research) certification test to meet OSHA’s 1926.1427 crane operator certification requirements. Dominion’s contract includes a number of fraudulent programs against them Colombia, South Carolina Institution. Domione’s selected programs include a number of scams to provide basic, intermediate, and advanced fraud verification for NCCER.

In our 35-year history, we have long-standing relationships with petrochemical and energy companies. Explained Dana Jackson, Senior Vice President of NACB Sales and Marketing. Our trainers have extensive experience in any of our lifting industry, including power industry, petrochemical facilities, beach platforms and lifting equipment.

About the North American Crane Office Team

NACB, ProBility Media Corp. The sub-branch conducts more than 400 security programs worldwide each year. With training institutions in Central Florida, Cincinnati, OH And Southeast Texas, Customers can get a crane operator training at these locations. The NACB has also published award-winning courses in security, fraud and crane operations. NACB is federally accredited in accordance with Title 8, Cal / OSHA, Section 8 of the CCRR 1919, and is accredited by a number of state bodies for its ability to conduct instrument inspection (certification and / or operator training) certification. A.D. In 1996, NACB partnered with NCCER to develop the first mobile crane operator training series. Today, NCCER, ANSI Certified Certificates for Crane, Fraud and Signal Man as well as NACB Certificates, Licenses and Qualifications Host. Visit for more information.

About Probability Media Corporation

Providence Media Corporation is headquartered in Industrial Education and Training Technology Company Coconut Creek, Florida, Provides instruction in online and physical programs, including training in a variety of professional industries. Probability is working to disrupt the education and training market by providing high quality training courses and materials. ProBility clients from individual to small business to enterprise level corporation. For more information, visit

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