The new Brazilian Bitcon ETP It promises carbon neutrality

BITH11 says its new “green” Bitcoin ETF, launched by a crypto-based investment firm Hasdex Assets Management in Brazil, is the country’s first “green” Bitcoin ETF.

The fund plans to neutralize related carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits. To achieve the ETF objectives, Hashdex, in collaboration with the German Crypto Carbon Rating Institute (CCRI), publishes annual reports based on the creation of the BTC fund.

ETEEEEEE currently aims to invest 0.15% of its current annual investment in carbon credit and environmentally friendly technologies. The fund was launched at the B3 Brazil stock exchange last weekend under the BITH11 indicator.

Significantly, Rogerio Santaana, Director of Communications at the B3 Exchange in São Paulo.

The new ETP Investors are exposed to the world’s major digital asset differences under the Growth and Values ​​of Growth, Value, Safe and Sustainable Goals.

Hashdex is launching its first crypto-currency ETF, HASH11, in April this year, a controlled crypto investment fund. According to Bloomberg, HASH11 earned 33% last month.

In addition to HASH11 and BITH11, Hashdex also offers the massive Nasdaq Crypto Index (NCI) fund BTC, and the Bitcoin Risk Parity Gold Fund.

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Green crypto currencies have grown in popularity this year as the issue of fossil fuels’ energy consumption is a major topic of discussion.

In May, Canada’s Bitcoin ETF provider, Nine Points, partnered with Carbon X, a carbon offset provider, to offset the BTC fund’s carbon footprint.

Next month, Crypto-focused hedge fund manager reported that the demand for One Digital Digital for carbon-neutral Bitcoin investment products has risen sharply.

On August 3, Global Investment announced that Skybridge Capital had partnered with carbon loan provider MOSS Land to purchase tokens representing 38,436 tons of carbon offset.