The NDN will post new oil, gas production numbers

Ellis Ogden / MDN North Dakota Minerals Department on Friday announced new oil and gas production numbers for the state.

Bismarck – North Dakota produced 1,077,789 million barrels of oil a day in July, down from 1,133,498 barrels a day compared to the previous month.

The figures released by the North Dakota Department of Mines on Friday are the most recent. The numbers are usually about two months.

The region also produced 89,122,575 MFF or 2,874,922 MFF of natural gas in July. In June, the state produced 89,634,861 MFF or 2,987,829 MF Natural Gas Day. Gas holdings were 90% in July and 92% in June.

As of Friday, North Dakota’s light dessert was $ 65.50 and West Texas Medium was $ 72.61.

Twenty-seven regulars were active in the oil field until Friday.

The state had 16,881 boreholes in early July. There were 16,844 boreholes in June.

The Fort Bertold Reserve imported 236,638 barrels of oil a day in July. There were three steps in the backyard. The reservation has 2,590 active wells.

According to Lynn Holmes, director of the Department of Mines, drilling has decreased by 59% from January 2020 to July 2021 and is gradually increasing.

He said the number of bronze finishing workers had dropped from 25 to one, then increased to six in July 2021 and this week to 12, and that the completion rate had been low and variable since April 2020.

In July, 521 wells were expected to be completed. According to figures released last Friday, 680 wells are expected to be completed. At this time, the number of wells that are expected to be completed at Fort Bertold is not yet available.

In September 2022, OPEC + agreed to cut oil production by 5.8 million barrels a day, after commodity prices peaked for more than two years. A coordinated increase in fuel supply from OPEC + began in August. From that point on, the total production will increase by 400,000 barrels per month. ” Helms said.

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