The Navy College has plans to expand to meet the needs of the Navy

The National Maritime College plans to expand its headquarters in Ringskcddi, Coke Cork, and to set up overseas facilities to meet the needs of the Navy in particular.

The National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCC) plans to create new courses related to overseas energy sector as well as enhance its training courses.

The College’s NMC Cormac Gebrurs, head of naval and wind production, said the project would be “the biggest game in the city” over the next two years, and that the college needed to make significant changes to the decommissioning of energy resources.

Mr. Gebrurs said a major review of NMCC next month is expected to be completed next spring, which will include adding and updating courses to prepare people to meet the requirements of future naval projects.

He said he expects new qualifications to be introduced to the sector and that MMSC is looking to improve a number of courses in overseas, small ships, coastal trade and logistics as many companies are involved in the movement of goods and related goods. With naval production.

According to Mr. Gebrurs, the new courses will increase the pressure on the Ringscdidi Institute and, if there is some capacity, it could be a matter of extension over the next five years.

The college has land that can be used for further construction and there is land next to it, which can be viewed if he does not want to, if necessary.

Mr. Gebrurs also said that there is a possibility of creating a display center for the Sea College, especially the East Coast wind farm, which is planned to be built in the country.

“Here at Sea College is a very exciting time for us. There must be a renewable national maritime training policy for a large number of people (serving it). It requires a lot of coordinated thinking, ”said Gebrurs.

“We already have practical training courses and we plan to re-introduce them. These will be the key to bringing people to the coast. ”

Combined education plays an increasingly important role in NMCI courses.

“Covi was a challenge, but we still had to continue our courses as they passed. We can do many things online. Demand for a more integrated course is growing as it reduces travel time and gives us more capacity in college.

The Navy sends 150 personnel to NMCI each year for training courses.

There are about 3,500 other students in the course of the year, including 400 elementary students and several frontline emergency services.

There are also many international sailors who attend upgrades and upgrades.


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