The Modi government’s national education policy, without discussion, promotes a policy of exclusion

NEP not only transforms financial education architecture (from tax-based to credit-based) but also through mass-open online courses (MOOCs), multiple sign-in systems (MEES) and Academic Credit Bank (ABC) – features that change the university’s ethics and meaning .

In a society as diverse as ours, public-funded universities are the only credible way to ensure sustainable social mobilization and mobility for the majority.

What is the bitter lesson in the fight against academic censorship at the university? The academic and intellectual classes have no choice but to cooperate with the working class and other groups in their struggle against the fascist regime. The university can no longer be treated as an intellectual protection, forgetting the political elements behind the regime’s assassination.

For a long time, English teachers have created a unique, unique place for themselves by being exposed to cultural capital and international ideas. It is ironic that English teachers were left untouched when they were active social and intellectual swindlers. But they were at the end of the policy attack when they tried to express themselves politely and politely, vulnerable to caste and representation.

And educational censorship. The past few years of investing in curriculum reform have been overshadowed by the university’s governing body, which has at least made them aware of the serious challenges posed by the dictatorship.

Therefore, the only way for the academy is to join the struggle against the policy attacks of other labor groups and to politicize all forms of anti-democratic attacks.

(IPA Service)

(The author is an associate professor of English at the University of Delhi College of Curriculum. Views are private)


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