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NEW DELHI: Energy Minister Arke Singh has launched a “certification” program for “energy base reform and regulatory knowledge” to provide regulatory training.

RK Singh, Minister of Energy and New and Renewable Energy RK Singh “Renewal and Regulatory Knowledge for Power Sector” Launches Certification Program

It has also launched a Regulatory Data Dashboard with government-wise details on the implementation of tariffs and power disks by IIT Cancer.

The dashboard helps you evaluate the performance of the sector, the timing and the utility of the lighting sector. This helps identify regulators and policymakers as well as components for improvement.

State Minister for the FDRE Chrishan Paul Gurjar, Energy Secretary Alok Kumar, MNA Secretary Indu Shekar Chatuvedi and senior officials from the ministry attended the event.

Among those present at the event were the chairman and members of the Central Electric Authority, the director of IT-Can Abay Karandikar, representatives of regions and UTAs, heads of state-owned power companies and discs, and industry representatives.

Speaking at the event, the Minister of Power expressed his appreciation for the initiative of IIT-Kanpur.

He added that although India is preparing itself for the next generation, the process of sustainability is a work in progress.

He said energy supply and supply challenges have been solved by making capacity building by making India a surplus energy source.

“We have liberated one grid and one unified market force from long-term PSPs,” Sing said.

Steps are being taken to strengthen the distribution system. He suggested that the full cost be reflected in the tariff and then the elected governments provide subsidies based on that.

He stressed that the regulatory framework in the energy sector is key to sustainability. Supervisors are there to protect playgrounds and at the same time protect consumer rights.

He noted that there is a wide range of standards within the research framework.

The Minister of Energy added that IIT-Kanpur will provide a great service to the electricity sector in developing a protocol for regulators with regulators and states.

He also called for research and development of state-of-the-art metrics, IP-based energy calculations and cyber security.

II-based energy accounting is mandatory, and technologies are needed to make sense of the big data generated from it, he said.

Singh also called for research into green hydrogen to be included not only in the refining and fertilizer industries but also in other industries such as steel, glass, ceramics and heavy mobility.

The transition from fossil fuels to green hydrogen is in demand and green consciousness has already emerged in the industry but technological problems need to be addressed, he said.

He concluded by saying that the power sector is leading the change by upgrading and updating. The world is changing and we are leading the change instead of following it.

Regarding the forum in Gurage, he said all households who volunteered for more than 22 hours in rural areas and 23 hours and 36 minutes in urban areas were 100 percent electrified.


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