The Medina area has a new place for preschoolers to shake those dances

Medina, Ohio: The Mt.

Katie Paonsasa, a Medina County resident and owner of Miss Katie’s pre-school play team, began work in February 2014 after spending some time looking for social opportunities for her 2-year-old daughter Viviana.

Paonesa, formerly of the Talmud, recently moved her business to Medina and now calls Pintek Sport Medina her home. Pinnacle is on 313 Medina Road.

Miss Kathy hosts children from 6 months to 6 years old, accompanied by their parents or guardians. It offers a variety of opportunities, such as the social butterfly section – one hour of play and socialization.

Other services include a two-hour preschool prep room and a small pickup room, as well as “Wiggle Wednesday” classes where children can play, overcome obstacle courses, jump on transmissions, and more.

Panesa says: “Most of our classes are parent-owned, so the parents are there, or grandparents or whatever.

COVID-19 made things a little harder. In March 2020, Paonesa had to relocate her business online with virtual reality services for children.

In September 2020, Miss Katie had to make a serious decision to close it until March 2021. That month, she decided to move forward, carefully opening her place in Pinnacle.

“I can have a classroom and lead classes,” she said of the reopening. “If a child can, we do obstacle courses, we do things to make them move. To do all this, it is good to be able to distribute and find space. ”

She shares that her business is successful and that she is making a profit, but that she is not motivated by what she is doing.

It’s not just about making money for me. That’s it, you are in business, but when I started the business, my motivation was never, ”said Paonesa. “I think that’s why I still love him.

“My main focus is on families, building communities, having places for people to go with their children, and building a fun environment,” she said.

She says she has seen families come and be best friends through the program.

“I think parents are just as happy as children,” she says. They make friends and connections outside the classroom and make play dates.

She is also able to provide for families with serious concerns – such as their child’s speech delay or being on the autism spectrum – to get the resources and help they need.

“It only creates opportunities to help people,” Panasasa said. “We are helping children socialize. This is our biggest thing. We have a balance between entertainment and education. ”

Paonesa, however, pointed out that programs and education pres will not replace preschool.

We parents say we can’t replace anything. They have to work three or four days a week before kindergarten. ”

Visit to learn more about Miss Kathy’s pre-school play team, its lessons, programs and prices.

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