The MBZUAI Executive Program will help the UAE achieve its ultimate goal of becoming a global AI leader.

Abu Dhabi, September 7, 2021 (WAM) – The executive program launched by the Mohammed bin Zayed Artificial Intelligence University (MBZUAI) will help the United Arab Emirates achieve its ultimate goal of becoming a world leader, a senior official told Emirates News Agency. W).

In addition to facilitating cooperation between the government, the business community and the scientific community, by expanding the AIA’s reach throughout the economy, the MBZUAI Executive Program is helping the UAE achieve its ultimate goal of becoming a global AI leader, says Provin Fakhreddin Karay. MBZUAI, Graduate and Research University focused on AI.

“The MBZUAI Executive Program aims to provide a practical basis in II and to increase awareness of business and policy making. It also provides access to a unique community of top leaders and IAA professionals at the regional and international levels. ”

Professor Karay added, “One of our strategic objectives at MBZUAI is to ensure that the government and businesses have the people, skills and resources to excel in IE deployment.

Launched on Tuesday, the program includes six courses, each of which will be given by teachers from “international academies, international natives and university professors,” the university said. The United Arab Emirates encourages greater participation in the AI, between government, business and the scientific community, to accelerate future industries.

The United Arab Emirates has effectively deployed AI to drive economic growth in areas such as healthcare, education, energy, transport, defense and many more, he said. Make makers aware of the opportunities that technology can bring.

“Hopefully, this economic value will drive innovation, support the UAE’s national priorities, and advance the fourth industrial revolution,” he said.

This program goes beyond traditional classroom instruction, combining traditional education work with participatory modules, participatory forums, advanced network opportunities, and seminars on IA’s business, ethics, and policy metrics. Participants will have access to some of the most respected names in the IEEEE industry, Carre said.

The first group of about 40 senior executives said they will undergo 12 weeks of online and physical training from October to next January.

The curriculum is extensive, allowing its participants to gain a strong understanding of the basics of AI, with sufficient target audience to meet the needs of the audience.

Six courses in the program cover the basics of AI. The economic impact of IA and machine learning; Expected Impact of AI on Agriculture, Manufacturing, Modern Cities, Healthcare, Defense and Other Industries; And the future of linguistic relationships driven by language knowledge and intelligence.

He also said that we have introduced education on the interaction between people and machines as well as some ethical questions that arise from the technology.

We have designed a practical, personalized and immersive program, with access to regional and international top management communities and exclusive access to IIA professionals.

Adapted to the needs of a number of senior government and business executives in the United Arab Emirates, the MBZUAI Executive Program will encourage decision makers in the industry to take advantage of II by shaping the future success of their local organizations, he said.

We want to play a leading role in supporting the efforts of the United Arab Emirates to build and sustain an AI-based knowledge economy. At the federal and Emirati levels, a number of initiatives have identified II as a technology that promotes growth. Both the UAE’s 300bn and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) strategy has the AI ​​as the basic technology to revitalize the industrial sector, expanding its contribution to the country’s overall production.

Smart City projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are using AI to provide more efficient technologies such as Io (Internet of Things) to provide more efficient power, water and waste management, pollution reduction, noise and traffic congestion.

The potential for accelerating all of these projects using AI is huge, and we want to make MBZUAI and its executive program a platform for these industry leaders to develop and participate in AI.


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