The marathon will cost $ 2 million for air quality violations on an unemployed Martinez fuel filter

Martinez – Marathon Petroleum has agreed to pay $ 2 million for settlement with air quality regulators following environmental violations at the 2014 Golden Eagle Factory.

The violations — 58 in general — were made by the former oil company Tessoro. During his four-year tenure in 2014, he administered the Martinez filter. Marathon Over 700 employees there.

A.D. During the 55-day explosion in 2014, the filter released a significant amount of pollutants. Tessoro’s other violations include allowing steam leaks, including excessive pollution, failure to meet licensing requirements, and neglect of monitoring equipment.

The settlement comes just months after the Bay Area Air Quality Management District sought to significantly reduce pollution in PFF-owned Martinez and Chevron filters in Richmond.

Air pollution in refineries in Contra Costa County is causing illness and premature death for nearby residents.

“Bay Area residents need to breathe fresh air and keep it fresh,” said Jack Broadband, executive of the Air District.

“This settlement demonstrates a commitment to enforce air quality regulations and ensure that refineries continue to comply with all state, local, and federal licensing requirements to protect the health of our community,” Broadband said.

A.D. In 2014, Tessoro agreed to pay $ 472,000 in civil fines as part of a settlement with the Air Quality District. For 35 violations between 2009 and 2011.

All but three of the violations took place in the recent neighborhood before Tessoro bought the marathon. In an email, Marathon spokesman Jamal Kihari said the company had voluntarily resolved the screening of all the violations.

In an email, Carrie said he was “delighted” that the marathon had reached an agreement with the Air Quality District.

The idle golden eagle filter is now being converted to renewable energy plants, creating less carbon footprint than petroleum. The marathon is at an acceptable stage in that transition, and Kiheri said he hopes the company will launch its new product model next year.

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