The LSFB course gets faster

The South African Light Metal Framework Association (SASFA) Online Training Course, launched in March, said the success of the LSFB has rescheduled the course for next month. John Barnard.

The course consists of eight sessions divided into two sections.

The first section covers the introduction of LSFB on steel frame construction, materials and components, as well as the structure and properties of the metal sheet.

Then came the foundations, light metal frames and pillows, the construction materials needed, wall frames, loads on buildings, floor frames, wall frames, roof structures, planning and installation of services.

The second part of the course teaches students about the inner lining, outer lining, and lining of glass wool protective properties, production and benefits; Acoustics, energy efficiency, environmental issues, glass wool storage and handling, as well as equipment and installation methods.

The second section covers gypsum plasterboard lessons, its properties, storage and handling, cutting, materials and applications for walls, and roofing and finishing.

The fiber cement board used for exterior adhesive is also covered, including the installation of a vapor barrier, fiber cement sizes and availability as well as boards and boards, accessories, installation instructions and installation of door and window frames.

The written test ensures that all students understand what they have learned.

In March, Bernard graduated all students who completed the course successfully.

Once students meet all of the academic requirements, Sasfa connects existing members to consider accepting students as interns on existing construction projects. Barnard argues that this theory aims to facilitate the exchange of theoretical concepts and enable students to develop their practical skills.

An increasing number of construction contractors, builders, architects and engineers want to learn more about LSBS, he said, adding that Safa has shown interest in the LBS online training course.

He added that the level of interest in the education is due to the level of activity in the building industry and the recent housing development agency’s request for developers in terms of alternative construction technologies.

The course aims to support the launch of LSBB in South Africa.

We train builders to build them properly and build quality buildings in accordance with the building code.

Sarfa considers the training of building contractors as necessary in promoting LBS in South Africa.

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