The Lord explains how she managed conversations about body image when she was a teenager

When his presence in the public eye was accompanied by a proper refinement, Lord laid the groundwork for some minor issues, especially when it came to body image.

In a new interview from Irish Times, At the beginning of her career, a New Zealander said that she had taken a body image “out of the conversation.”

“I was thinking about it,” said the 24-year-old. “I don’t want people to talk about what I look like. I was a child. And I really was not in my body. As a teenager, you will wear clothes that will no longer fit your body. ”

The singer, his future album Solar energy Friday’s drops, discussions on body image, shared that “it was definitely something I didn’t invite” and that she had “healthy boundaries” in her teens.

“I think everyone has succeeded. It’s not a big center of curiosity right now, which I think partly because of the land I was in my teens. ” “Yeah, yes – I feel good about the” future. “

Lord adds that she chose to wear clothes as a child because she felt comfortable and “powerful”.

“I was treated the way I felt – that means I don’t look back and I feel angry with him,” she said.

Lord also discusses her upcoming third album Wall Street Journal By sharing that she has chosen a theater tour to make things closer to your fan things. The tour is headed to the United States in April, and will close in the United States in Santa Barbara, California in May, followed by more international days.

“I really want to be,” said Lord. I would prefer a room with 5,000 people who know every word for each song and who love me as an institution – rather than the 18,000 people who listened to two songs on the radio.

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