The Leigh Industrial Review Center is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy

Leigh is one of 32 universities focusing on improving productivity, improving cyber security, building resilience, and providing training to vulnerable communities. The team will also participate in a new pilot project to expand into the commercial building market. As part of the pilot, selected IICs, in collaboration with a variety of community and college and technical programs, train a variety of students and professionals to conduct energy-efficient assessments, including those in disadvantaged communities in small and medium-sized buildings.

Lehi University Industrial Review Center The ICC provides industry evaluation services to small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. LUIAC’s goals are to recommend measures to save energy, reduce waste, and increase productivity. By achieving these goals, LUIAC will improve the overall competitiveness of the companies it serves.

Production is undergoing rapid change due to the application of new methods such as 3D printing and new approaches to information science and analysis. Leigh has many advanced faculties working to increase and promote productivity through research and training programs, ”he said. City of Nathan, Leh Provez and Senior Vice President and Interim President for Academic Affairs. “ICC is committed to promoting sustainability for small and medium-sized companies. We are proud to be a part of this national program for leading universities. We appreciate continued support for representative research and education in Leigh [Susan] Wild and its role in helping to promote economic development and innovation in the Lehi Valley.

To date, the IAC program, one of the longest running DOE programs managed by the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO), has provided nearly 20,000 free reviews and improvements to over 147,000 recommendations for small and medium-sized manufacturers. Reviews typically range from more than $ 130,000 in annual savings opportunities.

Leigh University is recognized nationally for its outstanding research and leadership innovations, and this reflects the strength and commitment to our community as an industry assessment center choice, he said. US Representative Susan Dur (PA-07). “This choice will enable Leigh to continue and expand its work to create, reduce emissions and increase sustainability among our producers. I am delighted that the Great Lehi Valley Pillar has received the recognition it deserves from the Department of Energy.

“The Industrial Evaluation Center, which you have not had for over 20 years, has been educating the next generation of energy engineers,” he said. Alparslan Ozetkin, Professor and Lehi IAC Director of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. “We are proud to deliver IAC missions to save energy, reduce carbon footprint for small and medium-sized manufacturing plants, and train energy-saving manpower. Graduated from Leigh IAC PhD. And Master’s, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate energy efficiency exercises. As members of this latest team and with DOE support, we look forward to continuing this work.

IAC’s mission is to save energy, reduce carbon footprint for small and medium-sized manufacturing plants, and train future energy engineers. Lehigh IAC has graduated several PhDs for over 20 years. And master’s students. In addition, undergraduate and postgraduate energy efficiency training courses are offered at the centers. Many of these trained students have achieved high positions in energy companies nationwide. Over the next five years, the Leigh Center will continue to educate future generations of energy engineers.

Visit Website of Industrial Review Centers Learn more about the program. All publicly available review and advice data collection is available online at IAC database And the database may be required by industry type, company size, date, products and energy costs.

This announcement is part of DOE 2021’s future production campaign. For more information, visit AMO to create a stable future of American production that supports economy-wide decarbonation. website.

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