The invention of micro silicone has been recognized by the world oil

Houston, September 2, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – The latest generation of micro-silicon paragnetic surveys combined with real-time diesel impedance measurements for the “New Horizons” award at the World Oil 2021 Annual Ceremony Houston, TX For more than 20 years, World Oil has recognized and recognized the top energy industry innovator and innovator. Each year, more than 300 companies from more than 20 countries submit submissions. The New Horizons award is a product, technology or idea that changes the game for those companies. The winner of the award will outline how the industry will work in the future and serve as a leader for the next generation in the basin energy sector. As the silicon quantum-RF vision flows out of the well and into the surface production systems, thanks to new technology to reduce operating costs and improve production, the operator finds its place in this historic inventory. Carrying and re-applying carbon for improved oil recovery.

“Hyperphine is the future,” said Omar Kulbrabndstad, CEO and co-founder of the company. “Our first-generation product, Quantum RF, can measure asphalt levels, but does not provide details on asphalt structure. That has changed dramatically in our vision system. Thanks to the facilitation of operators, it provides information operators to make carbon-neutral fuel production. Carbon holding and recycling techniques.

Typically related to liquid sampling, the Quantum RF device is directly converted to a production line, readings are continuously taken from the side stream and transmitted to the cloud for better interpretation, thereby eliminating the risk of repeated liquid discharge. Ownership of the monitoring system facilitates the identification and quantity of oil resources as well as the necessary auxiliary information for chemical management. The simplified process significantly reduces analysis time compared to traditional gravity techniques and makes it capable of controlling all fields or series of wells. Quantum-RF vision transforms the game into an improved behavioral recognition based on game data density, better signal to noise and machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

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