The International Aviation Service helps customers maintain technical specifications at the airport

When most people hear about aviation, they think it is a fuel supplier. In fact, more than 90 years of experience around the world, the world’s largest jet fuel is being used to power aircraft.

Now, aviation arm technicians from some of the world’s most popular energy products are also providing behind-the-scenes training, support, and real-time advice on the safety, profitability and compliance of oil users. In the past, their regulatory services, such as aviation companies, have failed, lost money, and tarnished their reputations.

Fuel – literally – is the lifeblood of aviation. The crude oil plant is the culmination of a long and complex supply chain. Each step – the screening process and how it is stored and hosted at airports – is governed by a series of steps, guidelines and protocols. It is important to be careful with these. But few have the time or knowledge to do that individually.

Ashley Mac McDoll, Head of Sheol Aviation Europe and South Africa, covers a range of services, including Sheol supply training and on-site technical and compliance advice, and can be available as an independent service or as a component. A package with the purchase of fuel.

“Our mission is to allow companies to do their jobs while managing the details of the oil business,” McDowell said.

Technical services in practice

In the case of fuel, the slightest error or control can escalate into a crisis. Ll highlights two examples of aviation rescue. A customer buys fuel in the open market, only to find out if there are good particles and particles in the filter. Product quality experts from Shell Aviation Technical Services were on hand to help alleviate fuel shortages at one of the world’s busiest airports.

On the other hand, the plane, which had been refueled at a large international airport, crashed in mid-flight and returned safely. Initial checks revealed the presence of superabsorbent polymer or SAP in the fuel filter system. Ll L Aviation has helped the airport’s fuel supplier (SP) prove that it did not come from the previous airport, which could lead to serious mistrust with the airline customer and possibly legal action.

It covers all the details

However, not all are about crisis management. One of the most important services provided by Aviation is training the “operating systems” that customers need to be obedient, secure and efficient – or more extensively.

“Any airport oil refinery will be as good as the ones it manages. That’s where the general manuals, in-depth certification programs and training schools come in, ”McDowell said.

Our technicians provide detailed instructions on how to implement the standards set by the Institute of Energy, the Joint Inspection Team, and the IAAF. One example of this is Foodie’s new, secure fuel filter jet protection, developed by Foodie in collaboration with the industry to help customers stay ahead of industry standards.

The team oversees airport fuel processing, fuel quality and preventive maintenance measures. When it comes to security, ll aviation provides both self-assessment equipment and on-site inspections, which call for first and second line of defense. He is also undergoing tests to respond to the outbreak.

“The LLL Learning Academy provides guidance for on-site staff and administrators who can be provided on site or at Sheol’s own centers — and by Shell or client coaches,” McDowell said. Courses for operations staff cover health, safety, security and the environment or HSSE as well as training in all aircraft fuel, storage, handling and supply. Other packages are available for supervisors and executives. ”

Strong operating systems to reduce risk

The key service provided by Shell Aviation Technical Services is the 24/7 Fueltec team, which provides quick response to any fuel, technical or quality control issues, from driving to fuel pollution, to helping customers get back on track.

“Our experts can advise you on choosing the right fuel for your vehicle. We will provide future information on industry trends and future legislation through a series of webinars and leaflets, as well as customer-specific counseling services, ”McDowell said.

Airport aviation technical services help to improve the details of airport operations. Interested people can learn more about the partnership with Shell and visit the website at this link to sign up for a copy of the useful tool aviation gas station that will help you manage your oil operations safely and efficiently.

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