The Intelligence Energy Association has started a project of the Intelligence Energy Academy

We live in a world that is constantly changing. New discoveries and technologies, legal system changes, and economic growth are accelerating, so lifelong learning is becoming more and more important. The only way people and companies can cope with the rapid changes and exchange information is by learning and adapting to new information. The countless challenges, quantities, complexities, and information variability that mankind has experienced in recent times determine the importance of learning programs in all areas of action.

The Intelligent Energy Association (IAA) aims to actively contribute to this lifelong learning process and thus contribute to the well-being of people, such as consumers or employees of the energy company and indirectly in field development. Launching an Intensive Energy Academy project with a total of five learning programs.

Of Consumer Academy It aims to support domestic consumers with natural gas and electricity in the form of cement and accessible information on the market and the potential benefits that all consumers can use to negotiate new supply contracts. The program is a strong information campaign for all natural gas and electricity users, to keep consumers informed of the new realities of the energy market.

Of Hydrogen Academy The purpose is to understand some of the knowledge on hydrogen, such as future energy vectors, the concept of energy integration and energy applications – transportation without carbon dioxide emissions. A description of the specific problems of hydrogen production, transport and storage systems and the definition of new concepts such as power-gas and sector linkages are some of the themes of the program. In addition to the theoretical unit, the Hydrogen Academy includes a ‘field experience’ program such as a hydrogen compressor and a bottle site visit.

The purpose of Gas Academy All natural market participants are aware of the operation of the natural gas sector in Romania. Students will learn the basics of the natural gas sector: exploration, exploitation, transportation, storage and distribution of natural gas. Part of the theory can be completed with unusual field experience – Safari explores the largest gas stations in Romania, the first regulation and metering station in Europe, and gas pipelines to the Citadel of Light, in Transylvania.

Green Agreement Academy The European Ecology Convention presents a new way of life and aims to introduce students to this concept. Gaining a unique knowledge of the Green Agreement, energy integration, and applications for future mobility – carbon-free transportation, funding and goal management are some of the concepts reinforced by this program.

Citing a relatively new and inadequate explanation, Taxonomy Academy The purpose is to provide specialized knowledge and provide a wealth of information from the introductory concepts – explaining the concept and the principles it promotes, explaining the tax limits in practice – who, what and for how long. There is information on sustainable financing and reporting.

“Learning is important because it has a positive impact on people’s lives, gives them self-confidence and contributes to personal growth and has a significant impact on quality of life and economic success. It is important to keep abreast of what is new, and lifelong learning has unlimited benefits in all plans.

Programs from the Intelligence Energy Academy include individual development skills, better adaptation to change needs, increased self-direction, faster solutions, better communication, open and active mind. At the organizational level, we also get an overview of the energy sector and improve in certain sub-sectors, constantly exploring new development opportunities, analyzing their own experiences and generating ideas from all your circumstances, ”said Dumitru Chisalita. President of the Intelligence Energy Association.

The purpose of these programs is to assist consumers, suppliers, transport and distribution operators, manufacturers and public institutions, and to provide all interested parties with specialized expertise in the fields of Intelligence Energy.

The five programs focus on informational perspectives by presenting problems related to the energy sector in a variety of course-level activities, such as theme visits or demonstrations. .

The IEA course covers three stages of training: Basic Basics: Introductory information caravan (demonstrations and thematic visits that support theoretical courses) and advanced courses.


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