The increase in MLGW natural gas bills is associated with a global shortage

For residents of Memphis and Libi County, natural gas can be hot, long and expensive winters.

Memphis, the city’s utility, warns that light, gas and water, natural gas bills will increase by 20 to 30% this summer due to a shortage of essential fuel.

The utility’s gas portfolio management supervisor, Jeff Sissom, said a particularly cold winter could force the utility to buy more natural gas than natural prices, leading to higher utility bills.

MoreSera Club pushes for Memphis natural gas plants

In Europe, which relies heavily on imported natural gas, there are fears that some countries and regions will be short of natural gas to survive the winter. Countries are burning closed coal plants. Estimates for the United States, the world’s largest natural gas producer, are not so strong.

One third said there was no risk of MLGW ending.

“We have a lot of natural gas. That is our first mission, we have a lot of natural gas for years and years and years. We always do. Even if we don’t, we can get more capacity or more volume from pipelines and suppliers. ”

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