The Idaho-hit oil industry port will do less damage than feared

Baton Rouge, La >> >> A key port for the Gulf of Mexico’s Gulf Coast oil and gas industry, which is less likely to be damaged by a hurricane, must return to work “in the near future,” he said. .

Ida knocked on Port Fortune in Laforche Parish and dissolved the oil and gas industry. But for the commission’s executive director, Chet Chiassen, who works at Port Fortune, said review teams were investigating the damage and “it doesn’t look as bad as I thought.”

“The structures are still good, not all of them, well, almost not all of them. But most of them are still good, and we can get things back to normal. Usually they can get up and run fast.

Chiassen has previously raised concerns about the extent of port damage and the potential impact on the country’s oil supplies. Today he admits that he “expects the worst” and is surprised when his guilt is so small.

The operation of the port is related to the country’s oil supply.

S&P Global Platform Energy Analyst Sami Yahya owns more than 90% of the Gulf of America’s oil supply through Port Fortune.

“We have to respond and move things forward for the energy needs of this country. We want them here, and the rest of the country needs them too. ”

The news of better forecast damage at Port Fortune was another sign that the industry was rebounding with Ida.

As Ida approaches, refineries representing 15 percent of the US capacity are closed. Some are already working on partial loads, and energy researcher EHS Mark predicts that about half of them will be in full production in about 10 days. However, IHS estimates that one-third of the estimated capacity will drop by more than three weeks.

According to the Department of the Interior, about 100 of the 560 workers returned to the oil and gas fields in the Gulf.

“It is the first light at the end of the tunnel to be saved,” said Yaya. We were worried that companies would be able to bring workers back to their facilities.

Yahya says there are obstacles. Some helicopter companies have not started transporting oil workers to coastal stations. Some oil workers may not be available because they come in contact with flooded or damaged homes. And Fortune has not yet returned to work.

It is a key factor in the restoration of power. Filters use a large amount of electricity to pump crude oil into products such as gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and heating oil. They also need energy to run pumped pumps and to send finished goods through pipelines.

Andy Lipou, president of Lipo Oil Associates in Houston, said the inspections of pedestrians did not cause any damage or flooding. He said the biggest obstacle is regaining power.

“The recovery process can be slow,” he said. We are still waiting for power to return to most of these closed refineries.

Lipo predicted that supply of products such as gasoline would intensify in the Southeast and Central Atlantic states, and that East Coast drivers could see an increase of 5 cents to 10 cents per gallon.

“There is ample supply on weekends,” he said. We need to see that these refineries are up and running.

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