The IAEA will release two new e-learning courses on employee radiation protection

More than 300 users around the world have already enrolled in two new e-learning courses on employee radiation protection, most recently by Safety and Safety. Protection (NORM). The article focuses on how to further strengthen employee protection and occupational vulnerability control, and provides guidance on monitoring and recording techniques.

“The courses contain practical examples from the IAEA General Safety Requirements GSR Part 3 on Occupational Radiation Protection Requirements and are tailored to the needs of employers, licenses and enrollees, employees’ regulatory bodies and their expert advisors, and the Health and Safety Committees,” said Bursin Okar. IAEA Radiation Safety Specialist and Technical Officer in charge of course development.

The GSG-7 Occupational Radiation Protection course is an understanding of the occupational risk control requirements included in Part 3 of GSR and how these safety standards meet the IAEA safety standards hierarchy. He said the course on radioactive materials (NORM) is based on the IAEA General Safety Guidelines (No. GSG-7) and supports participants in meeting GSR Part 3 requirements regarding labor protection in industrial processes and operations.

Developed by the IAEA Technical Cooperation Project to improve national capabilities in line with the new International Basic Safety Standards, these courses promote a consistent approach to monitoring, monitoring and documenting professional exposure, and provide guidance on practical aspects of governance. , Planning and conducting radiation protection work.

“The courses are free for participants and are designed to enhance professional exposure monitoring capabilities, improve the implementation of radiation protection programs and safety practices for end-users in activities and member states,” he said. Technical Cooperation Unit for Asia and Pacific.

Combined with the high level of communication involved in these courses, examples and perspectives from a variety of workplaces enhance learning experience. ” ”

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