The IAEA and the European Union extend cooperation in nuclear security

More than 100 nuclear safety assessment missions, environmental degradation at former uranium stations in Central Asia, and more efficient radioactive waste management in Africa – these are just some of the major achievements of the IAEA and the European Union. Extended today.

Thanks to the European Union’s financial support, the countries have made a significant contribution to the development of “standardized security measures”.

At this week’s 65th IAA General Assembly, the two sides extended their 2013 cooperation agreement on radioactive waste, regulatory arrangements, safety assessments and assessments, emergency preparedness and response, environmental improvement and EIAA development and implementation. Safety standards.

Lidy Evarard yines? Yines? Nuclear safety and security.

Massimo Garibaba, Director General of the European Commission’s Energy Directorate, welcomed the new agreement and said: “We look forward to further cooperation in nuclear security, including peer review missions.

One of the major services of the IAAF is the peer review of nuclear safety and security practices in countries. The EU supports the development of peer review services such as the Integrated Monitoring Service (IRRS) and the Integrated Assessment Service (ARTEMIS). In return, these assessments have enabled EU countries to fulfill their obligations under the EU’s Nuclear Safety and Waste Directive. Since 2013, 116 IRRS missions and 12 ARTEMIS missions have been conducted to evaluate control systems and radioactive waste and to evaluate fuel management.

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