The home panel expands the investigation of climate data by oil giants

The council has called on executives from Exxon Mobile, Chevron, PP and Royal Dutch, as well as the lobby, to strengthen the role of the oil and gas industry in disseminating information on global warming of fossil fuels. Teams to testify before Congress next month at the American Petroleum Institute and the United States Chamber of Commerce.

In letters to industry executives on Thursday morning, the committee asked for information, including internal documents and emails, on climate change policy back in 2015 with the efforts of companies and groups to weaken climate policy.

In a letter to Darren Woods, XXN’s chief executive, he said: Executive.

“We are working together to protect those profits, to disseminate information to the public, and to take decisive action against climate change,” the letter said.

According to the committee, the letters were sent to the companies and groups on Thursday morning. “She plans to play a central role in the fossil fuels industry,” said Caroline B. Maloney, New York Democrat and committee chair.

API spokeswoman Bethany Aronalt said the group “welcomes the opportunity to testify” and that its priorities are pricing carbon, methane control, greenhouse gas emissions in oil and gas production, and “safe production of American energy.”

The BPP said it supported similar policies, as well as the Paris Agreement. (To achieve the goals of the agreement, the world will need to stop approving new oil and gas fields as soon as possible. He embraced it.)

Matt Letutunei, a spokesman for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said the council’s leadership had a “fundamental disagreement” on climate change. “We are working hard with both sides to find a solution to climate change,” he said.

Other recipients of the letters did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The question is: What about the tobacco industry in the 1990s, paving the way for some of the toughest nicotine laws? A wave of lawsuits across cities and states across the country has prompted oil and gas companies to launch a multi-million-dollar campaign over decades to dispel the effects of climate fossil fuels from warnings from their own scientists.

A senior lobbyist at an oil giant was caught on video secretly and, if released in July, the energy expert fought climate science with “shadow groups” and targeted senators who were highly influential in their efforts. To weaken President Beden’s climate agenda. Many of those senators said that the lobbyist exaggerated their relationship or had nothing to do with it.

Roana Kana, a California Democrat from the local subcommittee, called the oil and gas industry on the hill, calling the hearings “urgent.”

Industrial lobbyists have been working to influence climate change in two key areas of law: $ 3.5 trillion in budget and $ 1 trillion in infrastructure. And after mobilizing groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the House Roads and Roads Committee this week unveiled a draft tax amendment to prevent fossil fuel subsidies, amounting to tens of billions of dollars a year from President Biden’s incentives.

“Part of this time is to let them know they are under a microscope when it comes to any involvement and intervention,” Mr. Kana said.

Alexandria Occio Cortez, a member of the New York Democrats and another member of the House of Representatives, wrote on Twitter about the split in the Democratic Party. On September 2 West Virginia Senator Joe John Manchin is one of the many senators who give pens to write “two-sided” fossil fuels every week with Exxon.

Asked if Sunday’s TV show “The Condition of the Union” is connected to Exxon every week, Sene Machyn

Senator Manchin did not respond to a request for comment early Thursday. “Senator Manchine and his staff have always had an open door policy,” said a spokesman.

Letters from the Regulatory Committee will be given a week to tell if fossil fuels executives intend to appear before a panel. He said the committee could take further action, including court summons, based on responses from recipients.

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