The head of the industry has warned that a shortage of CO2 gas in the UK could cause Christmas to ‘cancel’

Signing on empty shelves On September 19, 2021 in London, England, the Science Burys supermarket will report a shortage of products. Gaps in supermarket shelves were frequently seen as a shortage of truck drivers disrupted supply chains. Now, rising energy prices have hampered C02 production, which is crucial for the production and transportation of meat, bread, beer and more. (Photo by Chris J. Ratcliffe / Getty Images)

  • Energy shortages in the UK reduce CO2 supply – an important component of meat production.

  • Industry officials This may indicate a shortage of winter poultry, which could lead to Christmas.

  • It is the latest in a long line of shortages in the UK, including beer and medical supplies.

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Britain suffers from CO2 depletion in meat production, industry leaders warn

The gas is used to kill farm animals, causing them to lose consciousness. It is also used to pack meat products to prolong the life of meat.

Shortage in the UK – Due to high gas prices – a large poultry producer could “cancel Christmas”.

The shortage was caused by the closure of two fertilizer factories in the UK – producing CO2 as a commodity – due to a lack of energy and a sharp rise in UK gas prices, The Guardian reported.

A combination of labor issues, partly due to the lack of brakes and the lack of foreign workers, could drive during the holiday season, said Bernard Matthews and two sisters’ food group, a major Turkish company.

“Christmas and Bernard Matthews and my other poultry businesses are working harder than ever to try and hire people to maintain their food supply,” Range Sin Boparan told Sky News.

Christmas Bernard Matthews Turkey supply is already broken, as I need to hire 1,000 more staff to manage supplies. Without CO2 supply, it will still be canceled.

“Without CO2, the bottom line is generally smaller and we already have a lack of energy in our sector, which may be beyond our comprehension,” Boparan said.

Ian Wright, chief executive of the UK Food and Beverage Federation, warned that unless immediate government action is taken on gas prices, the results will be felt in two weeks.

“And that’s worrying, because we’re going to move warehouses, build stocks, and get ready for Christmas a few weeks later,” Wright said.

The impending UK crisis threatens to overwhelm supermarkets, empty beer barrels, and even blood test tubes.

A spokesman for Defra told Guardian: “We are aware of the problems faced by some businesses and are working closely with the industry to provide support and advice. We have had extensive meetings with representatives of the meat production and processing sectors, and will continue to do so. Those conversations over the weekend.

The United Kingdom will benefit from a wide variety of gas supplies to provide families, businesses, and heavy industry with affordable energy supplies.

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