The Guillar Youth interview the authors of the Library of Congress

Guillotine: What did you have in common with a man born in 1983, a man born in 1983, a two-year-old author of two best-selling adult adult books and a salesman with over 6 million copies since 2014?

Apparently more than just eye contact.

It is not surprising that Gillett Two Junior High Schools – Sage Valley and Twins Spruce – were among the 11 schools selected to receive the National Ambassador for Youth Literature Congress.

Jason Reynolds, author of 13 books, including the winner of the 2019 National Book Award, “See Both Ways,” actually visited COVID-19 in December with students from both schools.

But in those two school worlds, Reynolds’ visit was big news. Students, teachers, and librarians were happy to make such a unique list, and it was interesting to note that Reynolds Campbell County School District was one of the few stops to talk to students.

The two students, who serve as imaginary ambassadors to Wajming, Campbell County, and Gillet, do not seem to feel any more deeply than Sage Valley’s Bailey Carbari and the twins Spruce Ava Shiffirns. Those who were chosen to question him and take him to court with him, the rest of his classmates in both schools will be watching the live stream.

They were shocked, they said. Bailey, now an elementary school student at Thunder Basin High School, because she felt she was going to meet a celebrity; Reynolds is her favorite author.

Ava, now a Campbell County High School high school student, what if your words were stumbled upon?

“All my friends are watching,” she says. I was anxious to say something strange and then I tried to correct myself, and it would be really boring.

The girls were as natural as the interviewees, and their classmates learned a lot about them as they did the famous author after the questions were answered by the girls.

“I think asking young people is an inappropriate question, but I’ll ask you anyway,” Reynolds said on a computer camera. “Do you know who you want to be or what you want to do, or do you think you know – these are two different questions, by the way, I want to be clear – who do you want to be or what do you want to do when you get older? ”

In this way, Reynolds learned that Ava wanted to be a writer. When she failed, she said that she had plans in place, including becoming a psychologist.

Reynolds may be related.

“When I was shocked by the article, I went to college and said, ‘I’m going to become a psychologist.’ “I did. I thought, ‘If I study psychology, I will study the human mind, is all this writing really, examining the human mind?’ ”

And just like that, they seemed to be fast friends.

Bailey’s moment of contact was before the cameras were turned on for all to see. She said she probably had 10 minutes to discuss and get acquainted before the show began, and before Reynolds joined the call, the producer asked her which book was her favorite.

That was easy, says Bailey. No competition. He was “a boy in a black robe.”

You have to say that, the manufacturer is there.

“And I did, and I knew it was his favorite book,” Bailey said. And this will probably take me a long time.

The students and teachers observed the performance of the girls as interviews.

“All the English teachers were watching me, and that was a kind of nervous breakdown,” says Ava. “They were great!” I did not know half of them, but I was really proud of myself. ”

Bailey: “After it happened, it was my teachers who called me ‘good work’. But after it happened to me, kids who never talked to me, like famous kids and soccer players and stuff, greeted me.

Their questions and Reynolds’ answers had the power to impress not only their age but also their older ones.

Ava’s mother Rebecca said she and Ava’s grandparents were pleased with the interview.

Rebekah says: “It was wonderful to see my daughter doing that, but I have never read her.” “My father never read the books. We both walked away, saying, “Man, I have to read the books.” After that, I read two. … Although he writes for young people, like me, I really enjoy his books. And I took a lot from them. ”

Her father wanted to read them. We have sent some. He was that person, and even my father seemed to say, ‘Wow, I was amazed at his answers, his attitude and his process.’

The girls caught the eye of the Reynolds back and forth, the head of the National Library of Congress at the National Book Festival.

According to Dar es Salaam, Campbell County Public Library Youth Service Library, this is a traditional event.

But COVID-19 will disrupt that again this year.

“Often librarians like me do boring old people, but they say, ‘Why don’t we find young people interviewing young writers? They decided. Because they only got that energy. So I think they have reached a lot of young people all over the country, but they really like the energy of Bailey and Avan, their maturity. They were very good speakers, so they wanted to approach them to give them a chance to be interviewed at the National Book Festival.

And they did so.

A few weeks ago, Ava and Bailey reunited and continued interviewing the adult author of the latest book, The Sense of Happiness, in the Tahrir Mafi series sold by Tahri Mafia. She is the second in a series of true novels, and the first, “The Biggest Sea,” He has long been nominated for the 2018 National Book Award.

Ava’s book about “Great Happiness” is about this girl, she is in high school, and she spends a lot of time.

She has a very strong relationship with her father, and her best friend thinks she has something to do with her brother, so her best friend is kind of a judge, I think. It’s just like trying to figure out how to visit them all because her brother just died and her father is trying not to blame her for this.

The National Library Festival of Congress will be held from September 17-26. The girls’ interview with mafia will air on September 25. You have already copied the interview, and it looks like it went well.

“When she wrote a book, I asked her how she would view the world,” she says. Her answer to such questions was really encouraging. That’s what it takes to take some of the answers and try to apply them in my life. ”

“She was not as personal as he was to Jason,” said Ava. But she gave some really moving answers. She asks a question and takes a second to think about it and then gives a well-thought-out answer. ”

Although they felt better prepared for this second interview, it was definitely more nervous for them.

“I felt more shocked by the interview than by Jason Reynolds, because he felt that he shared more with the community, and that he felt that he shared with the United States,” Ava said. It sounds like “Wow.”

Both are looking forward to taking media or journalism courses at their respective high schools and perhaps even better interviewing techniques. Both are interested in writing, and these conversations have helped reinforce that interest with thoughtful, successful authors.

No matter what they do in the future, many of the best-selling authors will have the memory of bringing real friends to their friends, community, and America as real people.

In the midst of an epidemic, many across the country turned to books for comfort. They have no real experience of interviewing anyone in their teens. When someone stops to think about it, just like.

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