The green economy needs expanded public education

To the editor –

A recent report by the Global Climate Change Panel highlights the urgency of Somerville and cities around the world for fossil fuels. With efforts to transition to renewable energy (, increase energy efficiency ( and transform our buildings and vehicles into all electricity (, our students and our workforce. We need to prepare for a green economy in the future. This means expanding public education to ensure school programs, including additional courses in science, technology, engineering and math, as well as lifelong training opportunities, as the transition to a green economy.

Our commitment to public education must grow with our economic needs. Our investment in green infrastructure means we need skilled entrepreneurs to build it. There are also hundreds of thousands of jobs in STEM every year. After-school programs and further adult education can help thousands of Somersville residents find employment in these fields. Visually, Sommerville Public Schools enrolled twice as many students, so Somerville could teach thousands more. This will help ensure that the people of Somerville have a great chance of success.

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