The gas leak caused a leak to the Millerville University Library, and the wall was later reopened.

A library left the campus of Millersville University on Thursday afternoon.

By Francis G. No one was injured in the blast, which took place near the McNarie Library and Learning Forum, said Janet Caxkos, a university spokesman.

University officials said in a statement that the library reopened hours later.

According to that release, the explosion was outside the library, especially in the northwest.

“Security has been restored to the building,” officials said.

Emergency responders were called to the library area around 1pm 05, according to Lancaster County-wide communications sender.

And around 2pm, Kacskos gas company UGI utilities said they were on the scene with Blue Rock Fire Rescue responders.

University officials later said the leak was under investigation, but it may have been released after a tube of gas was hit by a “piece of equipment.”

“UGI and fire department staff have made sure that every floor of the library and other nearby buildings is free of gas,” he said.

“You can continue to smell mercury, which is added to natural gas, in order to smell more than when there is gas in the area,” he said.

At the time of the incident, a library website warned, “Please clear the area around the library.”

Witnesses in the area say the streets of North George and West Frederick have been closed for traffic as a result of the emergency.

“The university has followed protocols to work with local emergency workers,” officials said, adding that roads have been reopened.


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