The gas chief said the UK CO2 was unfair when it came to power suppliers.

The power-hungry chief executive accused the ministers of giving money to a US-based fertilizer company and giving it special treatment, leaving other companies in bankruptcy.

Newcastle-based Green Founder and CEO Peter McGregie predicted that consumers would not be able to transfer all of their products to consumers, and that large companies would need to seek insurance.

Green’s 250,000 customers and Av80 Energy’s 580,000 recent power suppliers have fallen, bringing the total number of affected families to 1.5 million. They will be the “last resort.”

McGregor’s company and six other people who drowned in six weeks made no mistake, and lost the fence – a kind of protection against fluctuations – exactly. As we continue in this gas crisis – and it will continue into the winter, no doubt – big suppliers will see the pain, and at some point, they will come forward with a guarantee. He spoke to BBC Radio 4 today.

McGregor’s government refuses to provide any support to taxpayers ‘companies, so it refuses to reopen an American company that produces carbon dioxide in Tesseed when it uses taxpayers’ money. McGregor said the total amount given to CF fertilizers was ሚሊዮን 50 million, but this was rejected by government sources.

He was green, and added, “Since we are all bad businesses, we are not 110% fenced, does this not make the fertilizer business a bad business? If you want gas in their supply chain to produce fertilizer and CO2, Why do you get bail and we don’t get it? And that’s only for three weeks, so while the market is still there in three weeks, will the government continue to write blank checks to keep food on the table? ”

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Trade Minister Paul Scholey said it would be a “severe winter” but defended CF fertilizers. He said the government wants to ensure adequate food supply to keep animals fresh during transport, adding carbon dioxide to animals, packaging food and creating ice.

It is a valuable guarantee for the wider supply economy, and Scoley said it is important to restart the Teesside plant and continue CO2 production. “There are different solutions to different situations, and therefore CO2 It is an important product of the food industry. In the energy sector, we have a mature system because companies are out of the market every year, especially during the winter season.

Asked if large corporations would receive financial support from successful new clients, Scully said: “I can’t imagine what is happening to every company. They don’t expect me to do that, because that in itself creates instability and a lack of self-confidence. ”

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