The FIU Online International Education Program will receive a $ 25,000 grant to promote international education to students and teachers

FIU Collaborative Online International Education (COIL) is expanding its effective international learning courses to connect students and teachers across the nation at a cost of more than $ 100,000.

FIU, in partnership with the University of Colombica de Manizales (UCM) in Colombia, is one of the 10 strongest 10 winners in the United States for the 21 Innovation Fund Award.St Century Higher Education Partnerships.

The Innovation Fund supports dynamic higher education partnerships, increases student training and exchange programs, and promotes regional educational cooperation and competitiveness throughout the United States.

The fund’s project, “US-Colombia Multidisciplinary Intercultural Identities, will design alternative and digital strategies, combine COIL and mobilization practices to strengthen creative and cultural education in universities.

“It is a great honor to be invited to partner with UCM with this gift,” said COIL Director Stephanie Dosher. “The energy and creativity behind this project is great – we haven’t started much yet and we’re driving more unplanned activities in the proposal.”

The FIU COIL uses technology to connect students and teachers with their peers across national borders, creating hundreds of influential international learning courses in the curriculum. COIL (pioneering at SUNY) brings together teachers and students from a variety of disciplines, time zones, languages ​​and cultures to engage in cultural discussions and meaningful projects. COIL deepens knowledge, expands perspectives, promotes personal growth, and opens new relationships for students and teachers alike.

Honorary College COIL faculty Niurka Marquez and Honorary College faculty Barbara Koto Jimenez and Michael Alendy have partnered with UCM faculty to include a group-based COIL project in their fall 2021 and spring 2022 courses. FIU and UCM students will be held. They will also travel to one of the campuses to host public demonstrations of COIL projects during the summer of 2022.

Marquez works closely with FIU COIL to expand the program at Honor College. She trains, connects, and trains teachers with participants and connects them to international learning opportunities at FIU and beyond.

“Students at the Honorary College are at the advanced level of FIU’s interdisciplinary education and undergraduate programs,” Marquez said. “My hope is that students participating in this and future COIL projects will be able to solve complex problems and understand the value of collaboration between cultures and the importance of cultural communication and success.”

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