The F1 teams want to increase the “extremely challenging” limit to 790 kg in 2022

Formula 1 teams are pushing to increase the minimum weight limit for next year’s cars designed for the new technical regulations.

The minimum weight will increase by 38 kg in 2022 and reach a new maximum of 790 kg. However, Alpha Romo Technical Director Jan Monchaw reminded the RAS fans how they can reach this level without the use of expensive weight-saving materials and techniques.

“The biggest point of discussion for all groups is the minimum weight,” Monchau said. We think a few kilos will really help, but it also helps save money. Achieving a goal is one thing, but at some point it can be very, very expensive.

“As far as I can see, they have been adjusted,” Monchau said of the teams’ concerns over the weight limit.

The low weight gain for 2022 will be partly due to the launch of next year’s big tires and much-needed crash tests. The weight of the F1 car has steadily increased over the past decade (see below) and the V6 hybrid turbo power units Starting in 2014, next year’s start will be the biggest.

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The latest lift is “a very heavy weight gain on the car,” Monchaw said. With the addition of all the records and the challenge of big tires, big tires, big brake discs, the weight is a big and big topic for all teams. We are still in talks with the FIA ​​in TAG because we have gained 40 kg and this will be very challenging. So that’s really a big reason for us.

The introduction of the Formula 1 new, 18-inch tire format next year has been the starting point for Alpha Romo’s design of the first car into a more specific and more restrictive set of technical regulations.

“Although the rules limit or guide what you can do in many places, it is still a new car with new tires, which is the starting point,” said Monchaw. So it is very important to build a car around these tires to get the most out of them.

The aerodynamic rules are also very different from the current set of rules designed to generate energy using simple upper wings and ‘ground impact’.

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“We have to adjust to the plane,” said Monchaw. I hope all the teams are the same, hoping that something is missing from these new registrars.

You will need to make some bold decisions because you need to set up the car layout – wheelchair, front and rear suspension architecture, landscaping, refrigeration installation ከሚ from the available reference on the truck ”.

2022 F1 Car Model, Silverstone, 2021
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Although confident in the team’s decisions, Monchau acknowledged some concerns about the overall direction of their development, as their rivals did not know what to do until next year.

“I am very happy with the decisions we have made so far and at this moment in 2022 you have been reluctant to do this and that,” he said. As a continuous, repetitive process, if after six months we do some back suspension tests, landscaping or a slow installation, we can come to the other conclusion that the car has evolved and things are slightly different.

“so that [there is] To a certain degree of risk, I would not say [nervousness]But respecting some of the big decisions we have to make was very straightforward for us, but only time will tell.

The rules are designed to encourage cars to compete more closely. As a result, “the new Aero platform is a very different beast compared to the cars we have now,” said Monchaw.

“The Aero Map shapes the car’s behavior and the tendency to change the wind and steering is very different. You have fewer tools to activate the front wheel, regain the rear wheel ignition power, and generate the same features as we are used to. [current] Cars.

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“So there is a lot of work to be done to make the best of the way we put the car in place and recover as much as possible. Emotions, Winds, Balance, Equilibrium Evolution from Speed, Air Balance – All of these things, I am very happy with what I have seen and can achieve. But it’s still four, five, six months until the first race.

“So it’s still half marathon. Now it’s about the truth, he’s really trying to get as high as possible in the wind tunnel and make sure we’re under the weight limit and in a safe car. [others]. There are a few open topics as far as we go.

F1 minimum weight limit, 1961 – 2022

NB. In 1987 and 1988, special weight limits were applied to turbocharged and conventional cars.

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