The EV standard is now available in college

The course is aimed at qualified electricians

As part of the expansion of the electric courses offered by the LCC UHA, the College is now offering new capabilities in electric vehicle installations.

The course is designed specifically for the delivery of commercial and domestic electric chargers for approved electricians. Outer Hebrides and the vast highlands and islands contribute to the construction of infrastructure for electric vehicles and to reduce carbon emissions.

The City and Gilds-certified course is staffed by experienced staff and demonstrates a commitment to expanding the college’s capacity and offering courses to develop the right skills for the energy, engineering and construction sectors.

LCCEEE is developing various partnerships to meet industry needs and support economic growth and employment opportunities in foreign development hebrides.

The በላይ 10,000 investment in the project, funded by the LCC Yuhi and Energy Skills Partnership (ESP), will provide intensive training to the energy sector in line with the Scottish Government’s priority energy program. .

“This new course is a welcome addition to the portfolio of courses in the electrical department at Lucy Castle College, USA.

At a time when the transport sector is undergoing radical changes in the transport sector, from low-carbon alternatives to low-carbon alternatives to various combustion engines, this course will provide the necessary training and certification to install charging units in commercial and domestic applications.

The capital expense training and tutoring was provided by the Lease Castle College and Energy Skills Partnership as part of the Energy Efficiency Training Network (EEN) North Program.

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