The energy secretary visited Berkeley, visiting an app to expedite solar licenses

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Gulf officials arrived at South Berkeley’s solar-powered home on Friday to introduce a new federal device designed to accelerate licensing for solar projects.

SolarAPP + is an alternative tool that can be used by local governments to automate and speed up their review and approval processes. The United States Department of Energy, which developed the device at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, hopes to install solar panels cheaper, faster, and ultimately more popular in cities across the country.

“We want to make it accessible to everyday citizens,” Granhol said. “SolarAPP makes it super easy – cut the red tape, cut the bureaucracy, for those who want to know more easily, ‘Should I have sun in my house? ‘”

Speaking at the event on Friday, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin said the city is working to implement a solarAp + device. Auckland Mayor Libi Schaff said the city is also looking at the device.

According to the Department of Energy, SolarAPP + “Automatically conducts code compliance checks to ensure security and issues standardized checks for smokers and supervisors to use in the field.” The department has set targets for 125 local governments to register for the program by September.

During a visit by former Michigan Governor Granholum on Friday, Lawrence Berkeley visited the National Laboratory with US Representative Barbara Lee.

Editor’s Note – This article has been updated to remove reference to the time it took for the Berkeley City Solar Panel License to apply. City records permit approval within 24 hours.

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