The Energy Law professor will start running for the Arizona Attorney General

Chris Mayes plans to focus on climate change and sustainability in her campaign for 2022

Chris Mays, a professor of operation at Sandra Day O’Connor Law College in India, is campaigning for the 2022 election for the Arizona Attorney General. My aim is to re-focus the prosecutor general’s office on climate change, to bring about a more meaningful debate on how to protect our priorities.

“I believe climate change is a survival crisis and we need to protect Arizona’s resources,” said Mies, who has taught courses on energy law.

Mice’s focus on climate change is based on her previous dealings with the Arizona Corporation Commission, where climate change is the center of her power. Mayes does not want to focus only on climate change, but says she plans to “renew confidence in the Arizona government.”

“She is the mother of renewable energy in the United States,” said Laurent Kubi Mayes, a member of the ASU, a member of the Tempe, a member of the Tempe City Council, and the corporation’s Democratic nominee.

In Arizona, the attorney general is switching between the two dominant political parties in the United States, with two attorneys generals and a Republican and a Democrat. Mais, a former Republican, wants to take over the leadership of her former party if she becomes a politician.

According to May, the Arizona Legislature became more biased last year. The recent 2020 election audit was conducted by members of the state Republican congress. The results of the audit show that President Joe Biden Arizona has won and has a wider margin than previously reported. Mice called the whole incident a “fraud.”

“The Republican Party was very different then,” he said, referring to his time in the party before 2019. Democracy in the Arizona Legislature, Republicans, and Our Attorney General ”

Sahara Sajadidi, a young scientist who attended a meeting of young Democrats, said: “Mayes is happy to come and talk to us. Of course, the Attorney General plays an important role. That is why we are so upset that we lost the 2020 election. . “

Mice also attacked Binden’s COVID-19 plan and current Republican Attorney General Mark Branovich, who is very clear on environmental issues.

Bronovich recently filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration over a federal immunization order requiring businesses with more than 100 employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Mais described the case as “absurd.”

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Some students at the Young Democrats’ conference found that they were more divided in the May campaign, expressing similar concerns among Democratic candidates.

Edward Rus, a senior political scientist, said: “I feel that we are in a position to repeat ourselves.

It is a good thing that there are different candidates in the Democratic Party.

The attorney general’s responsibility is to defend state law at the federal level or to represent the people of Arizona in any judicial capacity by attacking federal law at the state level.

Mice wants her representation to focus on abortion protection.

“There is a direct attack on Roads in Arizona,” Mayes said. I will fight any effort by anyone in the legislature or the governor’s office to deprive AZ women of their reproductive health.

Following the recent abortion bill in Texas, states across the country are discussing the potential for copyright legislation.

Mice worries that another type of Brunovich in the office will pass the same bill in Arizona. Arizona State Senator Nancy Barto told the Phoenix New Times that several other lawmakers were considering sponsoring the bill by the 2022 legislature.

Martin Pasquulti, a fellow at the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, says: “Fresh air brings fresh air. It is not controlled by any lobbyists or any foreign organization. ” I wholeheartedly support her candidacy.

Reporter Alexis Weiss contributed to this article.

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