The energy crisis cannot come at a worse time for the climate

To combat climate change is a major – energy crisis. And it can’t come at a more critical time.

Leaders and negotiators for COP26 global climate talks will meet in Glasgow, Scotland, in just three weeks. Momentum set a deadline for coal and accelerated the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy before the crisis.

But a return to fossil fuels warns some experts that this momentum could delay that transition to the nearest coal mine in history.

Christine Sherrer, director of the Coal Program at the Global Energy Monitor, said: Fossil fuels around the world.

As winter approaches and the world economy grows faster than the Covenant-19 epidemic, governments are forced to find more available energy sources. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are not enough to meet demand.

“Many decision-makers are shocked in some ways about social reactions,” said the program leader at the European Climate Tank E3G.

Investing in fossil fuels is not the answer, and some short-term solutions are the opposite of long-term goals.

It would be a better “response” to the implementation of renewable and energy efficiency programs, including on-ground infrastructure projects disrupted by the epidemic.

And that includes the dithotomy of the problem – the world can “turbocharge” or rejuvenate infants, and it can rely more on fossil fuels as it is now.

Geopolitical chaos

In addition to recovering from a pandemic, there are many reasons for the overcrowding. Renewable energy was lower than expected: In the UK and continental Europe, there was less wind than usual in the summer, so wind did not reach. Low rainfall in China indicates less energy than the country’s hydroelectric power plants.

Russia has been accused of delaying the supply of gas to the Nordic Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany under the Baltic Sea. Gazprom denied the allegations to CNN last month, but on Thursday Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak Berlin made it clear that gas prices would fall if it confirmed the project.

Chinese authorities have placed coal from Australia at the port, and the two countries have refused to show Australia’s willingness to take exports due to Canberra’s call for an investigation into the VV-19. That only increased the country’s energy shortages.

Chinese officials last month told companies in the heart of the country’s industry to limit energy consumption, state media reported. When supplies were cut off, some districts were left homeless. But as the crisis escalates and global demand for Chinese goods increases, Beijing is added, telling coal producers to add 100 million metric tons to production, state media reported Thursday.

China has already been developing its economy with dozens of new coal plants, but a recent increase in production is a problem for COP26 – China has begun to show that it is ready to play a role in placing the last days on fossils. Fuel.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has cut off huge financial support for fossil fuels by halting his country’s funding of coal projects abroad. Since then, he has come under increasing pressure to reduce the amount of coal in his home.
He said China plans to increase its emissions by 2030 and hit carbon neutrality by 2060. But the construction of the coal plant and the increase in production make it hard to imagine.

European division

China is not alone. In this crisis, European leaders are signaling that fossil fuels will be difficult to stop.

Last month, the UK set fire to an old coal mine to meet electricity demand. And some countries in the European Union are considering opening coal and oil fields to prevent similar power outages.

Renewable energy, for the first time, generates more electricity than fossil fuels, a blow to Europe’s gross domestic product last year. A.D. By 2020, 38% of electricity would have been transferred to renewable energy, compared to 37% of fossils.

There has also been controversy in the European Parliament, where climate change is clear. In the face of an emergency, some leaders say the European Union will lose support in the absence of an effective short-term action to combat consumer balloon consumption.

The European gas crisis is also a renewable crisis, but there are ready-made solutions
Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban is leading the camp, which is a “bureaucracy in Brussels” that has repeatedly raised energy prices from fossil fuels.

European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson, for his part, said the green deal would be “the only solution to Europe’s energy crisis” and a more renewable and improved energy efficiency solution.

“The current inflation has little to do with our climate policy, and it has a lot to do with the dependence on imported fossil fuels and relative prices,” Samson said Wednesday.

Wind and sun continue to generate the cheapest electricity in Europe in recent months. They are not subject to price fluctuations.

The effect of knocking in America

In the United States, there is a crisis over rising oil prices, which is linked to widespread energy shortages. Some countries that are struggling to find enough natural gas are turning to oil to fill the gap.

Benden has appealed to OPEC + – a group of oil-producing countries and their partners – to increase global oil production, as the increase in supply softens the price of Pam.

Gas prices are up for 7 years, and Biden can't do much about it
Didn’t work – OPEC + said on Monday that it will only increase its supply to the market. In any case, Binden’s calls run counter to the climate agenda, which includes expanding the country’s electric vehicle market.
According to the International Energy Agency, To reach a net zero by 2050: greenhouse gas emissions must not stop expanding fossil fuels in a world where they do not exceed atmospheric emissions.
But some experts hope that COP26 will choose the more difficult but more rewarding way. When the UK returns to coal in a short period of time, Business, Energy and Industry Strategy announced on Thursday that it plans to fully decrypt the power sector 15 years earlier.

By entering a climate conference, fossil fuels are having a huge impact on fossil fuels – in my mind, I think it may be enough to double the number of renewables in some countries, ”said Charles Moore. Director of the European Program on Amber Climate.

“I think the UK is a great example. “Britain has come out in 2035 to fully approve the electricity system.”

This is from a climate conference host.

CNN’s Angela Dewan contributed to this report.


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