The early days of the Lithium Valley are here.


Image by Gina Ferrazi / Los Angeles Times by Getty Images

After months of community planning, California began extracting lithium in the Salton Sea, one of the most polluted areas in the United States.

It is mainly part of the wealth growth initiated by General Motors (GM) JanuaryIt plans to eliminate gas-powered vehicles from the production line by 2035. Accumulation of electric vehicles – from the Imperial Valley, to the Salton Sea in the Salt Lake, suddenly out of the Colorado River.

CITR announces drilling in the area Press release Monday.

“We are thrilled to have started our excavation program and are committed to delivering it,” CTRR chief executive Rod Colwell said in a statement. “Our team used the detailed seismic study completed in 2017 and existing well data to guide specific drilling targets. We expect each of them to reach a depth of about 8,000 feet.

The excavation announcement was made by the company “Hell Kitchen” at Level One, which said the large-scale lithium mining project did not have green light in the area, while a CTR said it would “play a significant role in future GM battery life.” Lithium Hydroxide and Carbonate ”, ed July Press Release. He told the car that $ 500 million has so far been spent on the project and that it will produce 20,000 tons of lithium hydroxide by 2024. Los Angeles Times Reported Monday.

CTR’s goal is to use 10 geothermal power stations in the region for its lithium productivity – part of the underground supply of steam power. These stations produce liquid brake as a by-product, which contains a large amount of lithium before it is returned to underground brake by “steam and ion exchange technology”, a CTR spokesman said. He told the motherboard in July. It is a closed-loop system that the company considers economically viable and environmentally friendly.

In the case of Greenlight, Hell Kitchen will be ready to meet the global market for batteries, which are projected to increase five to ten times over the next decade. Power class estimates.

But the location of the bombs raises new questions about the new frontier in the power transition.

The Salton Sea is incredibly polluted, with no exit for water, 200 feet below sea level. Over the last century, the salinity of the Pacific Ocean has risen by 50 percent, because evaporation is the only way out of the reservoir. In the western United States, a 20-year-old mega-drought disaster has left environmentalists worried that dust mites could worsen the climate and the health of residents. Although the region is home to well-known holiday destinations such as Joshua Tree and Palm Springs, Local Full-time residents of the Imperial Valley face environmental justice issues, 22 percent live in poverty, and 85 percent live in Hispanic or Latino. Census information. It is an asthma-related emergency room visit around the Salton Sea. More than double About one-third of the state’s children suffer from respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath, allergies and whooping cough. Medical studies You got it.

Although lithium mines contain long-lasting batteries, the amount of waste required to move fossil fuels raises new questions about environmental justice. In July, Motherboard Reported At a time when the community was concerned about the poor health situation near lithium mines, a multidisciplinary stakeholder, the Lithium Valley Commission, was leading community resources and local job creation to bring economic benefits to the people of Salton Sea.

CITR said in a press release on Monday that the first two stages of Hell Kitchen are expected to be completed with 480 construction projects and 930 project projects in collaboration with the community, industry and government. He did not say whether he planned to hire or train for the job.

“Today we are using the best and brightest talents in the oil, gas and geothermal industries,” Colwell said in a statement. “It’s amazing to see a drilling machine that can be used to produce fossil fuels that can be used to deliver pure energy and green lithium!”

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