The Crimson Bear bearers won by Palmer

The Junior-Douglas Yadaat Kale girls, who appeared earlier in the season, won a party at Palmer George Plumley on Saturday. (Class Stool)

JUNUA, Alaska (KIN) – June-Douglas Yada Kat Kale cross-country girls’ team took on 18 schools in Parmer on Saturday to win the playoffs in second place, placing second runner-up Rena Tucodd Crimson Bear runners in seventh place in 1.41 seconds.

“It’s always good to be here because we have a lot of teams and a lot of other races,” said JDH coach Mary Elfson. “This year we worked to bring in two boys and girls groups, JV and Varsity. We were doing a lot of group work. We are strong when we work together. ”

Chugak Junior Campbell Peterson won the race in 19:39. Following Euclid for the Crimson Bears, Eta Eler was 11th in 18:18, First Class Ida Ida Meyer in 20:41, Senior Anica Schwartz and Ella Goldstein in 19th and 20th in 20:44 and 20:46 respectively, and High McKenzie McNay 28. At 20:59.

“I was really worried about this race,” says Tekwodud. I thought I would stay with my team and stay with everyone else. I was worried that I would run alone, but there were many girls who were not alone. You will always have at least one person who agrees with you. It was really good. It was also a fun course. ”

Tickwood said she had to work on a few things.

“Maybe start fast,” she said. At the end of the race, I’m always dead and I don’t have enough energy to run.

Team Fields JDHS with 71 points, South Anchorage 79, Chuck 114, West Anchor 122, West Valley 133, Colonial 200, Service 204, Kenya 228, Grace Christian 248, Latrop 284, Homer 285, Soldona 344, Palmer 361, East Anchor 361, Codiac 363, Glennell 372, Monroe Catholic 379, and Bethel 511.

Top 20 (out of 157) individual girl completed – 1. jr Campbell Peterson 19:39 CHG; 2. sr Gloria Bailey 19: 47-SR WV; 3. jr Elliana Zock 19:47 SA; 4. sr Payton Smith 19:54 WA; 5. sr Abigail Has 19:56 LATH; 6. jr Robyn Miller 19:59 SA; 7. Therefore Rena Tucoddod 20 01.41 JD; 8. fr Ella Hopkins 20 01.44 COL; 9. Kai Weitomas 20:05 G.C. 10. jr Meredith Schwartz 20:13 SER; 11. Therefore, Eta Eller 20:18 JD; 12. jr Addison Capozzi 20: 21.73 CHG; 13. Therefore Skyler Belmear 20: 21.80 CHG; 14. So Ava Trembath 20:24 ER; 15. jr Jayna Boonstra 20:25 KEN; 16. fr Ava Murphy 20:35 SA; 17. fr Ida Meyer 20:41 JD; 18. fr Zoe Rogers 20:42 W; 19. sr Annika Schwartz 20:44 JD; 20. sr Ella Goldstein 20:46 JD.

Juno coach Tristan Knuston-Lombardo, for his part, said: “I am especially proud of our Varsity daughters and our JV girls and JVY boys for running and running this season.” “The big message before this meeting is that this is really no different than any other race you have run, there are a lot of people out there and you have to run as fast as you know you have to run outside and be successful. . And they did. They actually went the first mile, they were fast for what they were running but they moved on from there. They just removed people, our entire team, and they were really smart. I think I am proud of my smart run. ”

In the men’s category, JDHS ranked sixth in the group standings with 201 points. Grace Christian won by 63 points.

West Abramovich, Daniel Abramovich, was the top men’s runner in 16:18. JDHS senior Aubrey Heckler finished at 17:50 in 29th, Junior Will Robinson in 17:54, Junior Eli Crupi 44th in 18:20, Sophomore Wilder Dillingham 54th in 18:32, Samuel Holt 63rd in 18:46 and second-year Malachi. Pieman 81 at 19:10.

“Last year we had no choice but to travel to the states and the state,” said Dillingham. “It was a well-organized competition. Cross-country courses had many requirements. At first it flowed fast and it was hard to pass people, but the course was really good.

Team Games Grace 63, West Anchorage 120, West Valley 120, Latrop 170, Kodiac 177, Junuwa 201, Chuugac 203, Colonial 220, South 234, Service 244, Kenai 260, Palmer 313, Homer 336, East 352, Soldona 388; Wasila 414, Bethel 503, Galena 550, Dlingham 562, Unalaska 571, North Pole 587, Delta Megenagna 619, Cordova 672, Anak 678.

Top 20 (out of 180) individual male endings – 1. sr Daniel Abramowicz 16:18 WV; 2. jr Shane Fisher 16:30 WV; 3. jr David Sliwinski 16:39 GC; 4. So Fisher Adams 16:49 Pal; 5. sr Micah Fields 17:05 KOD; 6. jr Aaron Power 17:09 SER; 7. sr Benjamin Pillon 17:09 LATH; 8. jr Preston Merchant 17:09 AC; 9. jr Henry Michener 17:09 ER; 10. So Tobin Miller 17: 17.02 Pal; 11. sr Asher James 17: 17.35 LATH; 12. So Tobias Buchanan 17 17.49; 13. jr Seamus McDonough 17:20 HMR; 14. sr Preston Wethington 17:21 GC; 15. fr Robbie Annette 17:22 GC; 16. sr Isaac Main 17: 23.61 WA; 17. jr Ethan to 17: 23.68 W; 18. sr Ben Thatcher 17 24.47 G.C. 19. sr Will Gerlach 17: 24.50 CHG; 20. jr Ethan Howe 17: 24.99 EA.

The JDHS Junior Varsity girls won the JV team title in 10 teams and 83 individual runners. Top 20 Junior Varsity runner Natalie Hood of West Anchorage in 20:37 was second, followed by Grace Christian Junior Megan Nelson in 20:50, JDH high school runner Morley Morley in 21:21 and third Trinity High in Jackson Jackson in 26:26. Sophomore Ruby Rivas was sixth in 22:10, Celia Wheeler was seventh in 22:19 and Jr. Scalar Tucod was 11th in 22:41.

“I thought it was a good competition and a really good course,” Morley said. I felt confident throughout the race and trusted myself and my team to pull me through the entire course. I know I can trust myself and my team and we will work together really well and we can do really well.

JDHS Junior Varsity boys are second behind West Anchorage in 16 teams and 113 individual runners. The top junior runner-up runner was Quinn Smith of West Anchorage in 17:38.

JDS top scorer Carnie Creamson Bears led the JV in 12th place in 18:37, second Martin Holst in 18:45, Sophomore Edgar Vera Alvarado in 17th in 18:46, Sophomore Lif. 24th at 19:06.

“I was really impressed with how many runners, such a big pack, and so many people around you,” said Carney. And how easy it is to run with such a large group of men. I use what I have learned, the speed at which I have run, and I will improve on it and take what it was like to run in a different direction and in a different environment. The season is really good. It was fun to run with the team. ”

Top – June – Douglas Yadale Cale Second Class Edgar Vera Alvarado, left, and senior Tia Carney, this season’s previous match at Sandy Beach, had a strong run on Saturday at Palmer’s George Plumley party. (Class Stool)


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