The County Museum hosts a talk on the region’s oil industry

Machiavelli – The Qaturatus County Museum and Research Library will conclude its summer 2021 series on the history of the oil industry in New York on Thursday.

The presentation will be at the Kelly Lounsbury Museum of Coconut Oil in Bolivar.

Loonsbury grew up in Bolivar at the Alganani Oil Center and taught Bolvar Primary School for 33 years. He is also the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Auxiliary Oil Museum. He has been president of the Bolivar Free Library Board for 16 years.

He is the renowned coordinator of the Allegheny County Sports Hall.

Archaeologist Kelly has published a paper on excavations at Smith’s site in the prehistoric village of Algany County.

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Lonsberry’s speech began with the first discovery of oil in the late 1870s, which focused on the growth and development of algae oil in Algany County, the 1881-82 oil boom in Bolivar and Richberg, and the oil industry since the 1920s.

It also examines the role that local oil producers played in World War II.

The program will be held at 7:00 pm on the museum’s lawn, in the rain or under a tent. There are some seats, but participants are encouraged to bring their own seats. This event is free and open to the public.

The Cattaraugus County Museum is located in the Stone House, 9824 Road 16, Massiah. For more information, visit


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