The County Board amends the wind ordinance

August 11 – Vermillion County Board of Trustees approves amendments to wind power structure Tuesday.

The vote was 11-9, with two abstentions and five councilors absent.

“The biggest change was the failure,” said County Board Chairman Larry Bawn. There were also some changes in government laws. Our current decree is very old.

Purpose of the Proclamation: To ensure the safety and efficiency of any structures used in wind turbine power generation and production in Vermillion County, and the equipment associated with such structures; To facilitate economic opportunities for local residents; And to promote the supply of wind energy to increase energy production in Illinois, with the necessary structural requirements to increase safety.

Changes include: To ensure the safety of surrounding buildings and owners, all WECS (wind energy conversion system) towers are at least 1,200 feet high or three times the height of the WECS tower, from any initial structure, and any resident complains to noise levels. Conducts good research using qualified county-approved professionals to investigate and resolve grievances. The county has full access to all information and reports or findings of this type of study.

The fall was at least 1.10 times the height of the wind turbine.

The county has other wind farms outside of Roseville and Route 49, and three others cover the county.

Tree Global Energy has merged between Georgetown and Ridge Farm. The other was the liberation force that was renting land around the saddle. The third is looking around Renkin and East Lynn.

Baun estimates that all companies have “come a long way” in coming to the county for any reason.

The county board also approved the use of Jamaica’s bridge and bridge projects and the US Rehabilitation Act.

According to Bawn, county officials are looking at which projects and programs they are using Kovid-19 money for.

“Some organizations are seeking help from us for projects.

One of them is working with the Land Bank and helping some low-income family improvements in the area.

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