The costs of Biden’s war on oil include high gas prices

Joe Biden is the kind of person who deliberately puts his car in a ditch, pulls it out of the wreckage and then investigates the crime.

Such nonsense Biden’s latest directives reflect the direction given to the Federal Trade Commission. Citing “additional evidence of anti-consumer behavior by oil and gas companies”, the president told FCC “to carry out all commission equipment if something goes wrong.”

Is it enough to blame Big Oil for Biden’s national fiasco? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do?

In June 2007, Beden shared plans to reduce gasoline prices with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.

In September, Biden made such an unfounded paranoia, and the Associated Press put him in his place. “The fact is, there is little evidence that there is something wrong with the high price of oil,” he said.

US oil production fell by 38 percent in October 2019 compared to October 2019.
James MacDonald / Bloomberg in Getty Images

It takes a lot of hard work to understand how Biden and his team’s anti-oil anime have increased fuel costs. In less than 11 months, this administration will be

  • Killed the Keystone XL pipe.
  • Threatened to connect 5 pipeline from Canada to Michigan Inbridge Line.
  • Oil lease in Alaska, Arctic National Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Oil and gas leases on federal land have come to an end.
  • He proposed a methane tax that could cost the industry up to $ 10 billion a year.
  • Left-wing activists urged oil companies to put pressure on financiers.

And how is this all-out war on oil working? As predicted.

US oil production fell by 38 percent in October 2019 compared to October 2019, before the Covenant-19 disrupted the growing Trump-GOP economy. With supply declining (as Covenant-related instability eases), non-standard gasoline sold at $ 3.38 a gallon on October 25, compared to $ 2.59 on October 28, 2019 – up 30.5 percent. In those days, New York Mercantile Exchange traded at $ 83.94 a barrel, compared to $ 56.65 a barrel in West Texas – 48.2 percent. Similarly, natural gas drilling fell 28.9 percent, costing $ 5.90 per million BTU and $ 2.45 – up 140.8 percent.

On Monday, November 15, 2021, a truck will refuel at Chevron gas station in San Francisco, California, USA.
Non-standard gasoline sold for $ 3.38 a gallon on October 25th.
David Paul Morris / Bloomberg in Getty Images

Biden’s grief for fellow Americans exposes anti-oil extremist thugs.

  • Biden In September 2019, he told New Hampshire voters: “I assure you. We will stop fossil fuels.
  • In November 2016, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, Michigan Governor, said, “We must do our best. Save fossil fuels in the ground. ”
  • Saul Omareva – Biden Kazakh, Soviet-educated, Brezhnev-flavored candidate – said in February about fossil fuels:

Biden’s actions are totally inconsistent with the religious zeal that expresses his hatred of oil. Biden OPEC and Kremlin are begging to increase their oil production in order to escape the political hell of what they consider to be high gas prices. This, like the Anti-Salon League, calls for Scotland to increase its whiskey production if the ban closes US dispatchers.

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, Keystone XL pipelines were piled up in a compound near Owen, Alberta, Canada.
Hours after the graduation of President Joe Biden, the TC Energy Corporation revoked the license of the Keystone XL Energy Pipeline.
Jason Franceson / Bloomberg in Getty Images

Reliance on power in the Middle East and Moscow undermines Biden’s environmental goals. At the margins, the bidding process produces more carbon dioxide. North America’s depletion of the United States (and to some extent Canada’s border) has been cleared through carbon-neutral pipelines. In contrast, oil spills across the Arabian and Russian oceans should be supplied to US-supplied tankers.

Like the US stockpiles, OPEC and Russian oil emit carbon dioxide, but when consumed, it can cause further damage. Biden killed Keystone on his first day in office and lost 1,000 union jobs, 10,000 future jobs, and $ 2.2 billion in wages.

The president must stop the self-inflicted and ecological war on oil to identify the cause of high energy prices.

Hint: She married Dr. Jill Biden.


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