The clean-up operation has resumed following last week’s oil spill

Mi Michel Newbank Veto Lake Photos August 19 crude oil explosion. ODI representatives said an agreement had been reached to control the flow and secure the well.

VETO – Progress continues on last week’s clean-up of Lake Veto.

Officials from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Ohio EPA responded to the discovery of crude oil in the 160-hectare lake, which covers 160 acres east of Ohio 339.

Stephanie Ogradi, media and communications expert with ODNR, said on Wednesday that the management of oil and gas resources had agreed to use a self-contained system that collects any additional fluids to control the flow and ensure the safety of the well. He said the fluids would then be legally disposed of.

“Safe pit has entered the orphanage program and the program follows established protocols for mounting the well.” There is Ogradi.

Based on the fact that the well is on state-owned land and the information provided to the OPCW, the Category Survey will try to find additional unregistered wells.

“If more wells are identified, they will be sent to the Orphanage Well Program, adjusted and registered accordingly” She explained.

Maritata Bob Lane, 76, owns oil and gas wells in the area, according to him.

“The well was built in the 1930’s and early 1950’s” he said. In the process, the well was behind the lake.

He said there were concerns that crude oil could enter the community’s drinking water, making it impossible to drink at all.

“C-8 makes him look like a stepfather” he said.

He used Dupon, a chemical C-8 that caused health problems due to the release of Teflon and other issues into the local waters.

Concerned locals will hold a meeting at 610 Goose Run on Maritata at the farmer’s girls’ and boy’s place.

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At a glance:

V Work continues on Lake Veto oil spill.

¯ ODNR has a contract to control the flow and to protect the well.

ነዋሪዎች Locals are afraid that crude oil will get into drinking water.

Situation The meeting was scheduled for September 14 at 6:00 p.m.

Source: Times Research.

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