The city of St. Louis Park will provide funding for construction operator certification training

October 21, 2021

The St. Louis Park City Building Operator Certificate (BOC) is providing funding to St. Louis Park property owners who pay for their building operators’ training. Human resource development training for commercial, industrial and multi-family building workers focuses on effective construction, saving owners money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The internationally recognized and well-known BOC training is provided by the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. Typical participants include construction engineers, maintenance workers, HVAC technicians and electricians. The general training will help construction operators increase energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve safety. The training includes information on the latest energy technology and best practices from industry experts.

Two training programs are offered. Cost-sharing financial support is available to everyone.

The BOC Level 1 training, designed primarily for large building operators, is a great resource for buildings over 50,000 square feet that are required to report energy and water usage annually in accordance with the city’s efficient building benchmarking law. Designed to make buildings more energy efficient by developing awareness of building energy and water use, the information provided will help identify areas that need to be improved. The BOC training will help facility staff work efficiently on HVAC, electricity and lighting systems and more.

Costs for St. Louis Park property owners prepare to attend BOC Level 1 training and pass the certification exam for their building operators. The standard cost for BOC Level 1 training is $ 100. The $ 150 share will be awarded to BOC certified employees who are not members of a traditional delegation. In addition to CenterPoint and Excel Energy, there are $ 500 rebates, which significantly reduces training costs from $ 1,200 to $ 100 or $ 50 for property owners.

A $ 100 share of multi-family property owners in St. Louis Park are ready to attend a training for their building operators at the BOC Multi-Family. This share covers two-thirds of the participation. The training is ideal for building experienced staff working in multi-family buildings with 20 or more rooms.

When St. Louis Park Construction staff courses are available, you can enroll in the next BOC Level 1 training or BOC Multi-Family Training with the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. Building owners can submit the form online to use the share.

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