The Chinese government may sell oil, but the refiners are desperate to buy it

Analysts and analysts expect China to issue a new crude oil import quota for oil refineries soon, which will raise the price of space with the most popular standards and can import all of China by the end of the year.

Market sources told Bloomberg on Tuesday that the market price of Russian espresso, which sticks with independent filters in China, increased by $ 1 a barrel compared to August. Traders also added that space differences for the Brazilian Tupi and Irasema standards have also increased in recent weeks.

The world’s largest crude oil importer is preparing to issue a new oil import quota for those refineries, with rising speculation that spot prices have risen among popular Chinese refineries.

Tea bars, as is commonly known, require government-authorized volumes to bring boldness to the country, in contrast to the huge government regulators.

As the quota for a fifth of China’s crude oil importers has been reduced in recent months, refineries have slowed purchases in recent months due to planned repairs and increased government inspections of their businesses.

Earlier this year, the Chinese government began cracking down on trade and commerce over its neutral filters. China is stepping up its control of the refinery industry, partly taxed, in order to control illegal oil trade, close the loopholes that some companies use to avoid paying fuel consumption, and curb oil production. Avoidance or non-payment of taxes.

Analysts now expect a fourth import quota this month or early next month, which will increase purchases from a teaspoon.

China’s refineries have been rebounding after months of stagnation in the space market, with Chinese oil production up 8 percent from July.

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