The Biden administration has announced plans to expand wind farms off the coast of the United States

The move was announced Wednesday by U.S. Home Secretary Deb Haland, and was first reported by The New York Times.

Hollandland said the Office of Ocean Energy Management is investigating rental sales in the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the Gulf of Maine, New York Beat, the Central Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as outside Carolina, California and Oregon.

“As we revise the administration’s plans to tackle climate change, create better-paying jobs and accelerate the country’s future energy efficiency, the Department of the Interior is providing a major roadmap,” Hollande said. We have big goals to achieve a clean energy economy and the interior is meeting the moment.

In March, the administration announced a concerted effort to boost maritime wind projects in the United States to skip the “clean energy revolution.”

As part of that initiative, which includes several government agencies, the Department of Home Affairs, Energy and Trade has a common goal of generating 30 gigabytes of offshore wind energy in the United States by 2030. 80,000 jobs.

The Department of the Interior has begun leasing sales to some of the areas mentioned earlier on Wednesday.

The administration announced in June that it could generate enough power to generate more than 2.6 million homes in New York – a shallow water area between New York and New Jersey. .

In May, the administration approved an 800-megawatt wind farm project, 12 miles off the coast of Martha’s vineyard. By the end of that month, California’s coastline would be open to wind power for the first time.


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