The anti-abortion decision would be a disgrace, focusing on solar energy on the roof

Deciding on an abortion is a disgrace.

The Conservative Supreme Court seems to be in favor of those who oppose the secession of the church and the government and the inhumane “legal acts” of the private sector.

As a result, if the restrictive Mississippi abortion law is followed, poor women abortions may go backwards and possibly die in the process, or they may carry their infants in toilet tents and throw them in the trash. Young girls are forced to bear the consequences of rape or sexual assault.

Is this a development? No, this is a radical reform in a country that is immoral and advanced. It is a disgrace to the courts and to the law, to justice and to morality.

Juliette Muscat, Sarasota

An attempt to restore the rule of law

Respect for Lorette Ramirez’s Citizen Taxpayer’s Complaint from Sarasota County Commissioners A former leader of the Siesta Key Association, this is a continuation of her service to our community (“Siesta Key Hotel Development Opposed by a Sarasota County resident in court,” November 29).

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Perhaps Sarasota County is a continuation of the Republican Party’s campaign against corruption. For more than a decade, she has struggled to regain her loyalty and loyalty to the party.

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