The 59th MDWW Alamo Spark Cell will drive innovation across the Air Force

In the Air Force, groups called spar cells serve as centers of creativity. The 59th Training Team Alammo Spark Cell is a collaborative team focused on improving medical education and training campus training. Common Base San Antonio– Fort Sam Houston.

“Our Spark Cell team here works with the entire campus as well as with Air Force Medical Modeling and Simulation Training at JBSA-Randolph,” Tech said. Sgt. Daniel Howversburg, 382nd Training Squadron Biomedical Equipment Technical Course Instructor. We have everyone in the yard who can participate and we read ideas. We ask ourselves, how can we create and Accelerate Training? “

Even when the plague broke out, these creators implemented new ideas to improve the education of their students.

“We have been able to create an environment for additional training facilities in the dormitory,” said Hooversburg. “We are working to provide high-speed Internet service to students, which allows students to use virtual reality and enhanced reality tools.

Creativity, however, goes beyond training. Alamo Spark Cell is constantly working to reduce time consuming tasks. In the 2021 Robot 4, each Erman race was highlighted when Alamo Spark Cell won the “Best Team Robot”.

“Every robot 4 airplane race is a vast cyber challenge for the Air Force and Space Force,” said Hooversburg. “We have created an automated process that saves time and energy for our airlines and trainers to focus on their actual tasks. We created a weekly activity report robot for our competition.

After winning the WAR bot “Best Team Robot”, Alamo Spark Cell expanded into the Air Force.

“To know how our automation robot will benefit the Air Force, the WAR bot has been described and shown on countless grounds,” said Haversberg. “Contact various companies and I will automatically send them to the Air Force Excellence Center for our process. They train and provide all the inputs.

Alammo Spark Cell focuses on machine learning, 3D modeling for training and recently presented a practical academic skills test project, Haversburg added.

“Practical Academic Skills Test allows students to accelerate their accreditation training in civil society,” Haversberg said. “Some programs save up to 12 months of training, which means a significant cost of $ 450 per student per day.”

Airports and Guards They can join Spark cells and bring their ideas into reality.

“If a person has a passion for creativity, he or she can come to us or to a local spar cell,” Hauversburk said. We all want to work together and use our skills to carry out Air Force projects.

Visit the Air Force Innovation Center for more information on tracking innovation, access to spark cells, and the use of the Squadron Innovation Fund. over here. Click for information on enrolling in more than 12,000 free courses at Digital University for Ermen over here.

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