Texas Shell, Exxon and other oil producers are breaking the rules

A flame burns at the Deer Park oil refinery at Deer Park in Texas.

A flame burns at the Deer Park oil refinery at Deer Park in Texas.
Photo: Gregory Bull (A.P.)

Even when policymakers set very simple rules for fossil fuels, many companies seem to choose to emphasize them anyway. brand new Analysis According to Earthworks, oil and gas producers in the Permian Basin in Texas, one of the largest oil fields in the world, produce carbon dioxide and methane without proper permits, including big names such as LL and Exxon.

The Permian Basin has experienced all sorts of problems, especially with methane Drainage equipment and wells. But the new report goes into another major source – swinging and venting, which companies use Throw unnecessary gas into the atmosphere or burn it.

“Gas is not what they want,” says author Sharon Wilson. Companies need more profitable oil. Unless the price of gas is very high, their time and money are worthless because transporting gas to the market is more expensive.

The new analysis is based on data from a number of sources, including data collected by the Environmental Fund during three flights at 1,000 stations in a district in the Permanian Basin, where the team used special monitoring equipment. The Earthworks team cited information from the Texas Railways Commission (RRC), a confusing state regulator responsible for overseeing the oil and gas industry. The commission issues licenses, but the results of the analysis show that many companies are evading regulations.

The results are staggering – 84% of the 227 flames seen during the three flights were not licensed. Small manufacturers are not the only ones cutting corners. Big name manufacturers are also breaking the rules. Exxon and others are on the list of companies that have been caught unauthorized. Both companies, Earthworks reported, support additional lighting and discharge regulations, according to the report. Ll l Part of an initiative Based on the World Bank’s “Zero Daily Flash” in 2030.

Jack McDonald, one of the authors of the Earthworks Report, noted that unauthorized movement is not illegal – there are some instances under which Texas law allows unauthorized access – which is unthinkable because unauthorized lightning requirements are so unique. This huge amount of lightning in their report meets all of these criteria.

“The railway commission includes any information about the demolition,” he said. Their basic assumption around lightning is that they know when there will be an earthquake, and that doesn’t seem to be from this analysis.

RR has a Deep history Climate change and close ties to the oil and gas industry, and not following these flames are only part of the puzzle. The report also states that the commission has delayed the issuance of licenses. R.C.C. In 2008, he issued only 108 licenses to fly. A.D. By 2019, that number had grown to 65,792 licenses 65 times. As the fossil fuel industry in Texas continues to grow, leading to an increase in the number of applications, Earthworks also noted the RRC’s high-profile licensing applications.

MacDonald noted that the RRC’s interest-control mechanism was “primarily based on good faith.” Last year, the RRC issued only more than 100 offenses for unauthorized violations, and McDonald’s said that fines for RRRR violations were “extremely rare.”

Wilson said RRC is aware that “every single year every five years it has a” goal “to inspect each product and that oil and gas producers are” unlikely to be caught. ” RCR – How lazy it is History of deep climate failure and close ties to the oil and gas industry– Earthquake reports to see if manufacturers are avoiding regulations and slipping away.

“The Railway Commission is so bad that it has no way of flashing a large part of it,” said McDonald. They have to take the word of the operators for him.

An ERR spokesman said in an email to Ether that there were “Earthquake Analysis” deficiencies and that “the conclusion of the report is based on incomplete information or inaccurate assumptions.” And “does not necessarily mean that short-term observations and clear differences as a result of a plane crash are illegal.” The spokesman also said that RRC data showed that the region had experienced a resurgence in the past two years and that RRI had “done a lot” to improve licensing processes and compliance.

Still, THe lamented the RRC’s lax approach to the rule mentioned in the report It poses a serious threat to the climate. Last week Government Panel on Climate Change Report Found Methane emissions from the fossil fuel industry They are growing and need a solution. Other recent reports include a About the amount of methane Fossil fuels are entering the atmosphere. The gas is 80 times more expensive than carbon dioxide, which makes strict regulations more important.

Vibration reduction is often presented as a low-hanging fruit solution. We have the technology to fix it, and there are big oil and gas producers like that He paid a lot of lip service, Stating that they are working as an integral part of their climate plans. In a previously unconventional environment, it is a wild choice for many manufacturers to move around in an organization that is clear that it allows them to do whatever they want easily.

It It does not appear to be the regulatory body in Texas, one of the most important oil and gas regulators in the world. In July, the RR and the Texas Department of Environmental Quality a Joint Letter Texas complained to APA about Biden’s new methane regulations, saying it had a “strong air permit program” and that any additional requirements to control methane emissions were “severe, duplicate and therefore unnecessary for the controlled community.”

For Wilson, it is clear that the country’s largest oil and gas producer should come from above. “Supervisors in Texas are not interested in controlling this industry,” said Texas regulators. President Biden has made some bold claims as he campaigns for strong climate change, and any climate action must take Texas into consideration. Biden should talk to Texas.


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