Texas is thwarting Chinese Communist plans to connect to the grid

Legislators in Texas have blocked the pressure on a Chinese landowner to build on a large plot of land after the news of the 15,000-hectare wind farm came to the attention of the watchdog.

He first warned of environmental impacts, after which San Guangsin linked his ties to the Communist Party of China and how the project could access the state’s electricity grid.

And in recent years, the 140,000-hectare sun has raised national security concerns near Locklin Airport.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the Lone Star Infrastructure Protection Act in June.

“As far as I know, this is the first law in any state in the United States,” he said, referring to the law designed to prevent “enemy countries” from accessing the Texas grid and other “critical infrastructure.” Such as computer networks and garbage management systems.

In Republicans as well as in Congress, including sentiment. John Corney (R-Ticks) and Ted Cruz, Introducing the Second Defense Act of 2021 Defense Loads and Territories Act To reconsider any purchase or lease of real estate in the United States near a military base or military airfield.

Texas law lists those four countries as “enemy nations.”

Of Daily Mail About the Sun and efforts to stop it, which Breitbart News also covers:

According to a spokesman, Sun 59 plans to lease the land to other companies to operate the wind farm.

Politicians in Texas are arguing that it violates the June 7 law.

The Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) in the United States, which examines and determines the national security of foreign investments, approved the Sun Blue Hills wind farm in December 2020, but the new bill – by Texas State Senator Donna Campbell – is intended to overturn that.

According to Julie Leway, general manager of the Devil’s River Conservancy, the environmental impact has led to political fires, including being a good member of the CCP and a former military captain.

“We are not racist, but we are all concerned about our national security as red-blooded Americans,” Levi said.

However, the Sun group insisted that the response was excessive.

Stephen Linssey, a spokesman for GH America, which is involved in wind farms, said GH America has received federal approval for its transparency and “excessive obedience” commitment.[ing] With a regulatory structure, ”the Letter Reported.

Lynsey said national security concerns have already been addressed through federal regulatory channels.

“It is being resolved as a national security agreement, but in reality this is a way of saying ‘not in my backyard,'” Lynsey said.

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