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Tiffany Dowell Lashmet and team at Texas A&M Agrillif Extension Service and Texas State-owned Ticket Ownership: Texas Key Ownership – Rewards Course is now online.

Texas landlords can now own your own Texas course online. (Photo by Texas A & M. Agrillif)

“If you have land for generations or want to buy the first acre, this course is designed to provide practical and useful information to make your experience of land ownership more enjoyable,” said Lashmet, Agrilef Extension Agricultural Law Specialist.

Agrillif Extension is providing a comprehensive online course with practical advice and in-depth examples to help explain important legal concepts based on Las Vegas Day-Long, Physical Course. It takes approximately 8.5 hours to complete this course.

The online course is available at AgriLif Learn, and participants can decide to take the entire course for a total of $ 150 or pay $ 20 for individual, short courses.

Building a program for Texas landowners

Lashmet wrote the book, “Key Texas Ownership Law, Texas Landowners Must Know,” including water law, fencing law, oil and gas law, popular domain, landlord liability, property access, farm rent, and renewable information. Power Rent, Real Estate Law, Pipeline and Transit Facilities, Texas Right to Farm Law, Special Use Tax Estimation and Key Property Planning Documents.

The online course covers each topic in the book and allows participants to revisit their selected sections. Those who register online will receive this course for two years.

Lashmet In 2018, Texas landlords – both landowners and first-time landowners – said they needed information about legal issues affecting their property.

She formed a team of Texas landlords and agricultural producers to provide general guidance and education on key legal issues related to their property.

Her guidebook is the only one of its kind to bring together such a wide range of topics and is written for landowners, not lawyers.

Due to Kovid-19, his individual lessons were temporarily suspended, and Lashmet and the team plan to resume this year. Those who are interested in getting an event in person or online in the future can visit the website of the upcoming Lashmet.

The manuscript can be downloaded as a PDF or a hard copy can be purchased by email at Lacrecia.garza@ag.tamu.edu.


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