Tesla wants to sell electric cranes in Texas

Elon Musk Tesla is looking beyond electric vehicles, solar panels and energy storage, and is seeking to supply electricity directly to customers, according to a request from Texas Electricians earlier this month. Power choice issues were first reported on the application.

The August 16 application to the Texas Public Utilities Commission is a so-called “retail electricity supplier” (REP) under the Tesla Energy Venture. Under the dictatorial Texas Power Market, REPs generally buy bulk electricity from generators and sell it to customers. Currently, more than 100 Republicans compete in the open market.

The company has offered special applications for multiple consumption batteries in the state of Lonster: a 250-megawatt battery near Gigabyte outside Austin and a 100-megawatt separate project outside of Houston. These projects are not related to the company’s efforts to become an electricity supplier, but are generally taken for a major explosion of power for Tesla’s energy businesses.

Think about it: Tesla can not only sell electricity to customers, but they can also be brokers who sell their excess energy – of course from Tesla Powerworth or solar panel products – back to the grid. Turning every home into a power plant is one way to realize the musical vision.

The latest question for the PCC comes as unprecedented winter storms shut down many parts of Texas’s power grid for days and did not leave power for millions of cold days. A few Republicans were shut down after the hurricane, which cost up to $ 9,000 per megawatt per hour (average $ 50 per hour).

Mook, who moved from California to Texas to do more work, including the expansion of SpaceX in Boca Chika, criticized the state’s grid operator on Twitter.

He said the company did not get “that R” – it refers to R in the acronym for the Texas Electricity Safety Council.

Tesla Energy Venture told PC controllers that it will use Tesla’s existing power unit to drive sales, including its use of the company’s mobile app and website. “In particular, [Tesla Energy Ventures] It targets existing customers with Tesla products and offers retail delivery through its mobile application and Tesla website, ”the application said. “In addition to Tesla Mobile’s application and Tesla’s website, the applicant’s existing Tesla Energy Customer Support Company provides training in customer acquisition support and guidance.

Anna Stewart is listed as president of Tesla Energy Venture. Since 2017, she has been with Tesla as a director of regulatory credit. She previously worked at SolarCity in Tesla.

The application is listed under Document No. 52431.

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