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(Video, comments from Greenley roof, solar roof homeowner)

Bend, Ore. (KTVZ) – A new way to build solar panels is supported here in Central Oregon and Tesla.

Jack Hermilning, Tesla’s solar roof, was the first homeowner in Central Oregon.

“I don’t think you can say that the beauty of the product is the sun,” said Hermling.

The roof has solar panels designed to look like shingles rather than conventional panels.

“Many people come, they have no idea,” Hermling said.

The roof was installed last January by Tesla’s Greenleigh Roofing Company.

According to the company’s website, solar panels are “three times the size of standard roof tiles.”

A few other companies are certified throughout the state, but sales director Hobby Smith Greenle said, “It’s the first and only in Central Oregon.”

According to Smith, a roof like Hermilling costs between $ 18,000 and $ 20,000 for standard building blocks. Solar ceilings are an additional $ 25,000 to $ 30,000.

Hermione, having a positive home, is worth the tax, the cost of the advance.

Hermilling: “I was spending my money on construction. It was not a difficult decision for me financially. ”

Smith’s solar roof can eliminate the homeowner’s usual monthly expenses.

“If he loses $ 150-200 a month, he will get back everything he lost,” says Smith.

However, not every tile on the roof is solar.

The roof is made of solar panels and dummy tiles.

According to Smith, dummy tiles have the same glass structure, but to avoid wasting money and resources in areas that do not generate enough energy without solar technology.

Hermilling explained to NewsChannel 21 how it monitors the energy consumption of the roof.

“Tesla has an app that shows what the roof does in real time,” said Hermling. It shows what the house is eating and how far it goes to the grid.

Hermling said the house is the amount of sun that the house gets, which gives him confidence that he is in the right place to go in the sun.

One of the unique things about Central Oregon in terms of the sun in Oregon State is that 300 days of sunshine is correct? This is often the main reason they need solar panels, ”said Hermling.

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