Tesla says it will still be the largest in the world, despite the reduction in gigabyte solar radiation

Tesla says it has reduced the size of its planned solar-powered Nevada deal, but says the car is still growing to become the world’s largest.

A.D. In 2017, Tesla announced plans for a 70-megawatt ceiling deal at Gigabit Nevada, with the largest margin in the world.

The project has been delayed for a long time.

Tesla finally In 2018, solar radiation began to build and spread over the next few years, but it never grew as close as Tesla was talking about.

Today, with the release of the 2020 results report, Tesla has updated the project and confirmed that it has now deployed 3.2 MW on the roof of the plant.

And Tesla is not talking about 70 megawatts.

The car now claims that solar energy at Tesla Gifatori Nevada will grow to 24 megawatts by the end of 2022.

“Giftedori Nevada was supposed to be covered with solar panels. To date, 3,200 kW. This load can be up to 24,000 kW. Will grow – the total ceiling of the current building structure – by the end of next year. This makes it the largest solar load in the United States.

Tesla is still expecting the largest solar roof in the United States.

To be fair, there are huge solar farms out there that are more than 24 megawatts, but Tesla is not particularly concerned about roof solar panels and ground loads.

The car says it is installing more solar power at the Fremont Factory, a Laptop facility and a gigantic facility in New York.

Take Electro

The 3.2 megawatts project, which is expected to be 70 megawatts, has been disappointing for four years, but Gigabit Nevada is generally disappointing in some ways.

The factory is producing a large number of batteries, packs and drivers for Tesla, but the massive structure has been nearing completion for ፉት 30% over the past three years.

There is no indication that Tesla will follow through on plans to complete the massive construction soon.

We expected Tesla to continue its construction to store its own battery cells or to expand the production capacity of Panasonic Cell.

When Tesla completes the building, it will return to its original purpose of a massive 70-megawatt solar array.

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