Tesla is setting up a luxury Florida neighborhood

Elon Musk and Tesla are developing luxury homes in Florida to produce more than 200 homes with solar technology. (AFP)

In addition to the golf course organized by Jack Nicklaus, the “Modern Property” and “Health and Lifestyle” Club near Park Beach, Florida, Tesla has solar panels, power batteries, and a car charger installed in each car.

The Panther National announced its partnership in July. It shows Tesla’s latest luxury renewable technologies as well as growing demand for real estate.

The developers of the 2,400-acre project, “New World Begins at the Door,” said:

The site combined with Tesla Energy’s innovative energy technologies ???

Construction on Pander National is set to begin by the end of the year, although the implications for the project’s sustainability are complex.

Palm Beach Gardens, like most of the Florida Coast, are located In flood zones as the sea level rises. The combination of growth, luxury and sustainability is a common challenge in the global climate crisis. It is extremely rich in consumption and produces more carbon than most, And their resources protect them from the devastating effects of climate change. Golf courses are also popular Resource-oriented and for use only.

In recent months, Tesla has announced similar development agreements in Porter and Austin, Texas.

In June, he agreed to wear a dress with Alset Ihom Planned 20-house community With Tesla solar panels, renewable energy storage bundles and EV chargers

One month later, the company announced a “deal” with Brookfield Property Management and Dakar.Large scaleDeployment of Tesla Power Technology for Development in Austin.

“Neighboring solar panels on all types of homes will improve people’s living conditions,” Elon Musk said in a statement. The feedback we get from the solar and battery products used in this community will affect how we develop and launch new products.

Tesla says it has some energy customers, but says it hopes to install 1,000 new solar panels a week. Spirits Or it was Tesla’s poor customer service experience.

Tesla’s projects in Florida and Texas are a major turning point for Musk and the state of renewable technology.

He has moved there personally, and has major projects in the Single Star State, including the huge, 100-megawatt power plant to be built at the Tesla branch outside Houston.According to Star”For space company SpaceX.

SpaceX’s development has pleased some community members, including both technologies being developed and economic growth, including Mr. Mook’s pledge of $ 30 million to the county.

Others, however, warn that Mr. Musk’s spacecraft is disturbed as a neighbor Wildlife habitat And can cause Politeness, Paid engineers and technologies flood the area and increase housing prices.

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